Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

I've often maintained that New Years Resolutions are a stupid thing to do.

However, I do have some goals which I hope to accomplish in the next year or so time frame wise....

1) Workplace advancement.

So like, a promotion maybe? That's be pretty cool, you know, to manage to get to a place where I'm not working entry level retail..... It'd also be nice to have a salary that wasn't still measured in a single digit hourly wage, but I'd be pretty happy just with the affirmation of me not completely sucking employment wise.

2) Financial order.

Biggest focus is to get finances to just not be completely screwed up all the time (which I've taken several big steps towards during the last couple months, and are already significantly improved to where they were two months ago) and to get debt under control and paid down, but I would also really like to see reasonable ground work in place by the end of 2012 for attaining my own living quarters the following year. Like, maybe even managing to do something crazy like save enough to seriously look at getting into a place like this. Wouldn't that be cool? I bet you can hear the angels singing at the prospect... oh wait, that's just my parents. Eh, alleluias all around anyways!

3) Finalize divorce.

Once upon a time, I had no idea how people could possible end up with situations where they had to delay their new wedding because their last divorce wasn't done. After spending the last year trying to get a divorce (which still isn't done), I'm getting a little better of an idea of how it could happen without the person involved being a complete relationship nutjob. It is a SLOW system in the first place, and I'm sure if there was real bickering going on over stuff like assets (the big advantage of being broke is our lack of that) it could really drag out. I also see the need to move on emotionally. We've been separated for a year now (and knew we were divorcing several months prior to that), but I think there's still a mental/emotional side to having it be done and truly moving past the whole thing. And I want to do all that in this upcoming year. Oh, and get laid, that would be nice too.

(And see, that's why these things need to be goals, not resolutions, because it sounds really crazy to say "I resolve to get laid this next year" while having it as a goal is not uncommon. Well, at least not if you're a 20 year old male.....)

4) Survive Kindergarten.

Yeah, it's Kristina who will be attending, but somehow I suspect it'll be nearly as big of a life experience for me.

5) Build friendships.

I noticed something a few weeks ago. I don't go hide on my lunch breaks much any more. In fact, I don't even get to read half the time because I'm too busy talking to people during it. And then it hit me, it's not that they're different people, but rather that the talk has become something besides polite conversation. Many are becoming FRIENDS of mine, and that makes for a whole different level of lunch break fulfillment for me.

6) Hang up family pictures.

I took down all our family portraits in New York. And haven't put up any new ones in the last year. This ties in slightly to #3, but it also stands on it's own. Family pictures are VERY important to me. And now I need to be ok with what our family looks like, even if it's not an iconic 1950s sitcom. Kristina's preschool has been asking for one for the last year to put up in the cubby room.... and I have yet to bring one in because I didn't know who should be in it. I need to do better than that, my girls deserve it. Our family may be different, but it's still perfect.

7) Take control of my living space.

When I was cleaning to move the furniture in from the storage pods, I realized that my bathroom toiletry case that I had used for our drive to Colorado from New York (you know, a year ago....) was still sitting where I had placed it on my bathroom counter the first night we were here. Because it was only supposed to be a temporary stop, and therefore emptying it and putting it away didn't matter. That's a shitty excuse to let everything be so out of control. I don't like living in a space that I feel out of control in. I need to get my rear in gear and make this basement the living space I want to live in while I am living here. Plus there's nothing like getting everything finally set here to make Murphy swing by and move me into my own house, so this one is totally supporting #2.

8) Express creativity constructively.

I sometimes get in trouble at work for doing strange random things, like making pictures with the sticker dots I use during morning scans on the wall. I think it's that there is a need to do creative things that sometimes spills out of me in unusual places. I need to make sure I'm recognizing it, and channeling it appropriately.

9) Stop being lame about kids' activities.

I have been REALLY lame this past year about getting the girls enrolled in activities, as a combined result of feeling out of control in general, financial stress, and having no idea how to combine working with mommyhood. But that is going to stop, because they need those things in their lives and me being lame is a really crummy reason for them not to have dance class or piano lessons.

10) Take care of myself.

I'm bad about this one, especially when it requires spending money. Like, I just don't want to break down and buy myself new socks. But all my socks have holes in them, so then I start to throw them away, and then I have no socks. And yet, I still don't want to just buy another package of stupid socks... however, with a little determination and #2 being in place, I'm hoping I'll manage to just go get myself some new socks when it's first needed and not make it into a bigger deal than it actually is.

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