Monday, January 2, 2012

Kristina's Snowboard Story

Kristina's preschool has a teeny tiny little slope on the playground that the kids enjoy riding bikes down during the summer and taking sleds down during the winter.

And one of the winter toys they have is an teeny tiny little snowboard.

And Kristina has always thought it was really awesome.

(She has EXCELLENT tastes, if I do say so myself.)

So for Christmas this year I thought it would be fun to get her one of her own. I had looked last February or so, after hearing for several weeks how much she adored it, but everywhere was sold out of anything winter and a wading pool just didn't quite fit the bill since we were looking at snow for another 3 months still.

However, this year I sadly was not at the top of my game for being on the ball with present planning and attainment and other holiday stuff (I think it was a combined effect of working 40 hours a week AND in retail), and was relying HEAVILY on our Amazon 2-day free shipping to save my butt.

But the sort of snowboard I wanted to get her (read: small, plastic, and cheap) wasn't on Amazon.

(Blasphemous, I know.)

However, I did find it on, but I had missed the shipping period to get it by Christmas, and I had never seen them at our Target store in the first place.

So a few days of moping and pondering finally led to the decision to just get Kristina something else.

What exactly that something else would be I didn't know, but I figured I could find SOMETHING between the Target toy section and two toy stores in Boulder that would be exciting for her to find on Christmas morning.

(The last minute and unplanned nature of all this was actually good for me, to really take to heart that "the perfect present" ISN'T the biggest deal in the world.)

((Too bad more people didn't think this way....... it would have made December a much nicer time to be in retail.))

However, just a scant few days before Christmas when I was bummed out because stuff like the princess skateboard and miniature pink football that had been my back up Kristina Christmas presents had sold out at Target, the toy section started to go majorly clearance and all sorts of stuff was being pulled out of the back.

It's hard to convey just what scale this massive moving of toy merchandise was happening on, with you readers being mostly unfamiliar with the normal operations of the store, but it was unquestionably BIG.

And then, right in the middle of this chaos of toys getting moved onto the sales floor came this stack of (perfect!) little red snowboards.
And it was pure agony to wait until my lunch break when I could buy one.

We had a massive dumping of snow the night before, and sleds were selling out at an alarming rate. What if they started snatching up the little red snowboards too??

But amazingly enough, there were still decent numbers of them by the time I was heading off the clock for my break, and I gleefully snatched on up for $15, the picture of ultimate parenting success.

And Kristina thought it was pretty awesome too!


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