Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Learning Experience: Online Clothes Shopping

I recently ordered myself some new clothes.

(The middle of January is always filled with lots of wonderful clearance.)

Plus all my work clothes are getting rather worn.

(Apparently that happens when you wear the same few outfits 5 days a week for 6 month and like for them to be clean when you first put them on.) 

However, as I haven't been exactly been ordering large quantities of new wardrobe in a while, there were a few unexpected things I learned in this last venture.

1) I have very poor judging-levels-of-khaki-ness skills via the computer screen.

I keep searching for pants that meet the "khaki" color requirement for working at Target that are a little darker than the standard light stone color, just because they get so dirty so quickly and the lighter they are the worse they look by the end of the day. Plus I don't actually like wearing khaki colored pants. So I keep ending up with pants that are too brown to wear at all or really really pushing the khaki code.

2) Skinny jeans should be avoided at all costs.

It doesn't matter how much weight I've lost this last year or how trendy they might still be, skinny jeans do NOT look flattering on me. And I should know that already. Being on sale 75% off doesn't change any of that. No, it really doesn't. Now if only I could remember that detail when I'm shopping.

3) I don't actually know what pant size I wear anymore.

Apparently it's a very small number at this point. And that kinda freaks me out, and makes me compulsively eat bagels. And cake. Because being able to see my ribs is very strange and possibly an indication of unhealthy. And I keep ordering pants that are just too big, and then getting annoyed when I couldn't possibly wear them (and keep them up) without a belt.

4) Contrasting reinforced elbows look stupid on t-shirts.

How did I not notice this when originally ordering? I really couldn't say.... But hey, borrowing from the mens department is still a nice fashion change up from the 70s and 80s styles that keep sneaking back into the mainstream. Also, men know what shirts are, a lesson that would be good to rub off on far too many college students I see prancing through Target.

Coming soon: Making returns, with children.

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