Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Crap, I Started Dreaming Again

Anyone remember me mentioning how I *really* liked to pick out corresponding places to live back when I was applying for all these awesome career jobs?

Well, as the job search became more and more futile, I also became more and more depressed about my lack of having any possible way for me to obtain these wonderful homes.

So I stopped looking up apartments to rent and houses to buy, and limited myself to watching HGTV only once or twice a week.

I do loves me HGTV, even if they didn't pick me for the awesome pink room house giveaway

But then, about a month ago, I pulled up the listings for homes for sale in Nederland.

A coworker had been asking me about rent costs up there vs. in Boulder, and I had been unable to find much of anything listed to rent at all (after telling him there were always these cheap little cabins available), and that inspired my MLS search.

And that impulsive little search caused to me falling in love.

With a big yellow house.

You know that Peter Paul and Mary song about being in love with a big blue frog? No?? Oh, well then I suppose me singing "I'm in love with a big yella' house, and a big yella' house loves me" doesn't make much sense.

Moving right along....

However, after having that glimmer of very real hope that maybe there would be something I could possibly afford someday (like, perhaps the people who have it under contract now will update the kitchen then list it again for the same cheap price in 6 months, stranger things have totally happened after all), I started to look at jobs a little more too.

Also, my father expressed crankiness about the rotating schedule I presently have. I really don't mind it, but as I'm relying an exceptional lot on my parents for various things right now, their opinions matter.

I've scanned the government job posting site a few times, and went back to some of my old haunts for city and law enforcement job postings, but really haven't gotten particularly excited about anything despite sending in a few applications.

And then, there was a piece of paper push-pinned up by the time clock inside the Target employee offices.

It was a posting for an HR Specialist position at a Target location down on the east side of Denver.

The drive from my parents' place wouldn't be pretty, as googlemaps estimates the time at over an hour, and that's with using some of the main interstates that get congested with rush hour traffic and thus probably wouldn't actually be going at the calculated 75mph rate very often.

But rent rates weren't terrible out there, at least not compared to the Boulder area.

And house prices themselves were down right drool worthy.

Like this little guy, listed at a mere $114k and located 3.3 miles from the job posting and a block from an elementary school. Even adding in a stop by a preschool only brings the morning drive time up to 14 minutes, which is still less than half of what I'm driving now.

I could deal with that.

Did I mention the job posting said it was a Mon-Fri 8-5 job with some flexibility?

I could really deal with that.

The house itself is a nice size for us, if I do say so myself, with three bedrooms together on the main floor so the girls could each have their own while still being nice and close to me.

You know, so I can HEAR them finding mischief at all hours of the night, and make an educated decision as to whether I should get up from my soft warm cozy bed and step in. 

As it does only have the one bathroom (although it's shade of pink is certain to win favors with this family), I could see there being some real merit in putting in a second one in the basement in a few years, and then turning the two bedrooms and the family room already down there over to them entirely as they get a little older and more independent [read: able to bathe themselves and less likely to strangle themselves with a blanket].

I like the look of the yard a lot. The patio area and long driveway are just great for learning to ride bikes and scooters and making chalk murals. There's enough grass to do grassy play while still not seeming overwhelming to me, and maybe even room to stick in a trampoline. Kristina needs a full size trampoline soon, she's almost too big for the toddler one but has the need to move like that more than ever. It's a little hard to see, but I think the tree in the back already has a tire swing on it and everything.

But see, this about the point that I start to mentally arrange living room furniture and suddenly come to the crashing realization that I don't actually have the job that would possibly require living in that house, and that there's only more depressing details and annoying realities like that even though I could probably manage the monthly payment for a $100,000 mortgage, I still don't have the savings in place for covering all the other expenses like a down payment and closing costs.

Oh well... it can't just be a flight of fancy forever I suppose.

.......Or at least, I hope.


  1. ah, dreams! they are wonderful & awful all at the same time sometimes. it is a cute house/yard, tho!!

    1. Exactly! The horrible paradox of them... so full of hope and possibility while simultaneously taunting and cruel reminders of your limitations.

  2. PLUS those real estate photos are months and months old, right? So maybe they'd be willing to come down on price...

    1. My thoughts exactly! Also, I can totally tell that you too have feet of snow sitting around your house to be so acutely aware of when growing grass would have been ;-)

  3. I'm drooling over houses myself right now. I made the mistake of falling in love with one, but now I have to wait until this summer AND I have to get the Batcave ready to sell and it's really overwhelming and now I want to go back to bed and hide under the comforter.

    1. There really should be a service that comes in and spends the day making your house sell-worthy, takes all the pictures for realtor, and then is available on super short notice to come do damage control when someone wants to do a showing in 20 minutes.

  4. So did you apply for the HR job? Please say yes! :)

    1. YES I applied for the HR job, and got an email saying they were passing my resume on to the recruiter on Friday! So now we wait.....

  5. Now you have Eric and I trying to figure out the logistics of moving out there! I hope you get the job! Fingers crossed.

    1. Move here! Buy a big yellow house with me! Grow a pretty garden!