Monday, January 16, 2012

The (Post) Baby Belly

I recently stumbled across this picture I took of me with Adrianna about 30 hours after giving birth. I wanted something to put up as my facebook profile picture at the time, but didn't have quite enough rockin' momma self confidence with the pudgy I-just-gave-birth belly and that-40-lbs-wasn't-just-baby butt and all.


In (skinny belly) retrospect, that makes me kinda sad. It's an adorable picture, although looking at it now I could still probably manage to accurately draw circles around exactly what I didn't like about my body in it.

But I had JUST given birth! Alone! After gaining twice as much weight as the last pregnancy!

I was looking fabulous!!

I just wasn't quite fabulous enough to see it right then....

I knew going into the hospital with Kristina that I would walk in wearing maternity clothes and I would walk out wearing maternity clothes because the nice lady at the birthing class told me I would.

Well, she said I would still look like I was 6 months pregnant, and I was bright enough to deduce that I would still need maternity clothes.

(Did I ever tell you how I kicked ass on the law school admissions test? I'm so glad all that brilliant power of deduction is being properly used... as I work an entry level retail job.... and will only have to work there for 10 years to cover the cost of my college education........... *sob*)

But getting right back to my birthing class story...

The nice birthing class instructor more right than I ever wanted to admit.

But see, I didn't know anything before going through it because I hadn't ever spent any time around someone who had just given birth.

I had no idea my belly even looked awesome during my first pregnancy until I was in that very same childbirth prep class and had to watch a video of someone giving birth (lets just say I'm not a fan of watching that particular miracle) and saw a belly absolutely covered in stretch marks. Apparently I just had no idea what stretch marks actually wore prior to that moment in time. And my sexy smooth preggers belly had NONE until 3 weeks before Kristina showed up, at which point I was like, oh...... and immediately started rubbing even more excessive quantities of cream all over my vain midsection.

And now I wonder about our culture, and how I had reached adulthood (and tripped over motherhood along the way) without ever seeing a real life pregnant belly up close and uncovered in person.

I do have two distinct memories of people breastfeeding, one being a friend of my mothers who had a daughter some years younger than me, and one being the family I nannied for the summer after my freshman year in college.

(The second family almost made me swear off breastfeeding completely, since I was the one always stuck holding the hungry baby while the mother tried to just get this one thing done real quick......)

And that's still not exactly a lot of exposure to these things, considering the amount of breeding people around.

But hey, we're evolved, so we all live alone in our isolated dwellings while using a computer to attempt to fulfill our basic needs for human companionship.

And because everything we see is so filtered, photoshoped, and otherwise altered we have no idea of what humanity really looks like.

The good, the bad, the ugly.... and the postpartum belly.


  1. You DID look great, Marty! With my first pregnancy, I was AMAZED at all the things I DIDN'T know would happen, because it's not something that's socially acceptable to talk about. Or it wasn't in my circle of friends!

    On a side note, when I watched the video at the birthing class and the baby's head came out looking like it was covered in cauliflower and she reached down to TOUCH IT? I left. Grabbed my honey and left. Total state of denial that has lasted....well, it just DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! And if it did, I don't want to know!

  2. yep. filtered, photoshopped, you got it right. and society keeps telling little girls they need to be size 0-2 to be beautiful, and that's just not true. then they wonder where the body image issues come from...

    btw, that is a CUTE picture!! : )