Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The CU students came back to Boulder en mass this past weekend.

The store had gotten busy in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and then stayed busy through the week after Christmas.

And then, the last week and a half or so have been blissfully calm inside Target.

Sure we have ridiculous amounts of clearance all over the store, most of which requires daily rearranging, and some very unlucky employees got placed on the Bounceback Team and have been spending their days scrubbing shelves and replacing label strips throughout the entire store.

But overall it was still absolutely wonderful compared to what had been passing for work in recent months.

And then....

The dorms reopened over the weekend and classes started today.

And you would think college students had never bought nail clippers and Easymac before in their lives.

Repeatedly I brought out a stack of boxes full of spiral notebooks, and all of them were snatched up before I could even get them on the shelf.

Every check out lane was open and lines were nearly as long as during the official back-to-college week in August.

And the trash left on the shelves.... so many empty wrappers from candy and energy bars, half finished sodas, empty starbucks cups, the occasional empty McFlurry..... who raised this generation and why didn't they teach them better than that?

Also, if I have to make change for one more less-than-five-dollar purchase being paid with a hundred dollar bill, I just might start ranting about trust funds right there at the check lanes.

Welcome back students, our daily sales goals are happy you're here.


  1. oh my heck, i am w/ you on the feeling of "why don't these ppl know how to find/use a trash can?!" i mean, honestly, they are all over the store. meh.

  2. Do you remember the Thin Lizzy song "The Boys are Back in Town"? That's how I always felt when the students showed up.

  3. UT students came back two weeks ago and our store was like that and I am one of the unlucky ones that got put on the Bounce back team, I have dusted almost all the rack in soft lines and was on the over night team. Our visit it over thank goodness, but good luck with yall's