Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year to Turn Two

My dearest Adrianna,

Today is your second birthday, and you have certainly filled the last year with growth. I'm continually amazed at the little person you so clearly are and so fully project onto the world despite still having minimal language. You are a loving and imaginative little girl, always eager to share your sippy cup with a doll or put a stuffed animal to bed. You are a child after my own heart with your clear adoration of ponies, dollhouses, and pink fairy wings. You think you can take on the world so long as you have your trusty blanky, babydoll, and paci at hand. Sometimes though, you could save me a little stress and not HAVE to climb quite so high or insist on trying EVERYTHING Kristina does. Also, I'm still betting you are going to be the one in the emergency room with a broken leg, for although you don't have your sisters boundless energy and instant mastery of all things gross motor, you also have no fear of the laws of physics and like to do things like climb to the top of large rocks and jump off of them. I truly love how you're still my little snuggly baby sometimes, and as a result totally let you get away with still sleeping in my bed when you want. But I know those nights are dearly numbered, and will be done with forever very soon. So enjoy what you're getting away with while it lasts my little princess, as far too soon you will be big. But then again, you ARE my littlest baby, so maybe you'll never be too big. (Don't tell your sister about that part, even when she insists that she's not little because she's four and a half.) However, as much as I love you still being my baby, I am eagerly looking forward to this next year when you (and I) will fully leave the babyhood behind. Diapers and pacifiers and maybe even sippy cups will all go in this coming year. You will start truly TALKING, and fully expressing all those incredible ideas I know are already bouncing around your head. I will be able to purge our home of all the lingering baby toys without guilt, and will gleefully buy you any number of dollhouses and My Little Ponies. You might even grow enough hair to wear pigtails (with bows, of course). I cannot wait until you get to go to regular preschool, as I know you sorely want to and continually feel that it isn't fair that you can't yet. And I know you'll constantly surprise the world with just how amazingly smart you really are. I love you sweetheart, and am so incredibly happy that you are mine.

 Happy 2nd birthday Adrianna


  1. i'm a little late, but happy birthday, Adrianna! hope it was wonderful & fun! : ) also, that cake looks yummy. now i want cake. heh!

  2. I love seeing pictures of her because my oldest didn't have hair until he was nearly 3 or so. I miss my bald baby. My youngest had flowing wavy locks and really should have been a girl.