Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adorable Sisters and their Slacker Mama

Alright. I'll admit to it. I have been seriously slacking on taking pictures of my children.

Even worse, I've been slacking on the distribution of the few pictures I still manage to take of my children.

I used to send out a mass email (or several) every time I uploaded the camera (at least once a week) to  the long list of assorted relatives and family members who had once upon a time seemed to indicate an interest in liking to see my adorable.

But a big driving force behind that was that my parents would start asking me where their pictures were if it had been more than a few weeks.

Now they don't do that since they get to see the girls every day.

(And none of you other peoples have been so inclined to take up demanding to see pictures.)

And a big part of why I took soooo many pictures was because I just spent all day every day sitting around with them having nothing really to do, and taking pictures provided some tiny amount of personal amusement to the situation.

Now I do this crazy thing called work and don't spend nearly as much time just there with them, and much of the time I do spend with them is filled with goal-oriented tasks like bathtime.

[Side note: I am SO not cut out to be a stay-at-home anything. I was so ridiculously bored and lonely and miserable during it that I didn't even realize how miserable and lonely I was until I started spending all my time at a job interacting with people in a social setting big enough for me not to have to have lots of long and involved conversations over the merits of different cleaning products, and to have that be my only human interaction for the week besides my enthralling polite discussion about the snow and there being a lot of it with the checkout lady at the commissary.]

[I really hate involved conversations about cleaning products. My entire cleaning product philosophy: Oh hey, it's a cleaning product! And check that out, it totally cleans stuff! Yay! Why are we still talking about it??]

Despite all those slacker inducing aspects, there still have been a few especially cute ones taken of Kristina and Adrianna together in the last few months. And I'm even briefly suspending my slackerness long enough to share them with you!

(You should feel special. So very, very special....) 


  1. Love the last one!! It's a perfect bath pic.

  2. aww, cute pictures for sure, good job!

    and hahahaa! the cleaning product conversation made me laugh.