Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cat Cafe

Shortly after blogging about my fuzzy felines, a friend of mine posted a link on a facebook about the current trend of Cat Cafes in Japan.

And it almost makes me want to be all ambitiously entrepreneurial and start up one here in Boulder. 

Because people in Boulder are just weird eclectic enough to potentially make it something booming.

Now many people here already have animals and are big animal people (and think they can bring their stupid dogs into Target whenever they want), so the idea might need a few tweaks to keep it from just being a glorified Humane Society that serves tea.

(Dear Humane Society, ever thought about serving tea and coffee??)

I was thinking about my kitty Diamond, and how she would be the PERFECT creature for this sort of project as she will happily come find any lap that is unoccupied and start purring up a storm whether you want her to or not.

But as previously discussed, she's still just a standard pet cat. And enough Americans have spent their lives with such pets to make the idea of a cafe with them only a passing slight novelty.

So I think it should be a bar. Even though Americans spend more on coffee each year, the idea of going out to do something is much more directly associated with alcohol on a Friday night.

And I think a friendly kitty or three is just fine to be wondering about, but there should also be a whole bunch of other animals there as well.

Like a talking parrot or a huge python.

Oh wait, you say pythons eat small mammals and birds like cats and parrots?

Well, every plan isn't perfect when first conceived....

How about a kangaroo and an albino otter? Baby crocodiles? A cuddly panda to play with??

Ok, so maybe I should just open up a zoo that allows petting (at your own risk with full disclaimer disclosure up front, of course) and serves beer.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong with this proposal? I even have the perfect name for it!

A Darwin Adventureland

Perhaps there could even be some unsanctioned ride expandability, like a big stack of barrels that were just accidentally left next to the waterfall exhibit.

And then maybe I can convince the guys who write the Darwin Awards books to start a reality tv show using the zoo's security cameras with me to get lots of royalties from it.

Yep, sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Investors? Any at all??


  1. LOL i like it! except sadly, even w/ all the disclaimers i'm sure you'd have, some idiot would still sue you for the wrongful death of their (stupid) loved one.

  2. OHMIGOD! I will never enjoy Starbucks EVER AGAIN because I know that what is missing from the experience is CAT FUR!

    On side note: have you seen -- I love it.