Thursday, February 23, 2012

Correcting Conception Misconceptions

So I've been watching things going in the news lately (ok ok, I just watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report. Don't judge. Normal news is boring and every bit as stupid for content if not stupider) and there are a few little details I wanted to clear up for the world, as we seem to be having some confusion on them at them moment. 

It is a woman's right to have access to and education of birth control in today's medical age. Using religious ideologies to justify denying women that right is pure and simple bullshit.

YOU don't believe in birth control or abortion? Great, don't use it and don't get one! Feel free to instill whatever values and morals you want into your own offspring, as that influence on the next generation is one of the few perks of breeding.

But that is a two way street. Don't force your values on me if I'm not supposed to force mine on you.

I have the right to say I do not want more children, and the right to have the physical ability to act on that decision.

It is my body to grow them. It is my life to raise them. It is my choice whether or not I want (more of) them.

Political and religious boundaries don't matter here.

I matter.

God does not.

Potential republican presidential candidates do not.

Archaically outdated health care policies should not.

Any questions? 

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