Monday, February 13, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy Kittycats

There are two members of our little family whom I have sadly neglected quite a bit thus far in blogging, so I wanted to take a moment to show off Diamond and Whispey to you.

Aren't they fuzzy looking? Very cuddly too.

And um....

Well....... see, they're cats, right? And cats aren't exactly renowned for actually doing a whole lot in general.

Diamond's favorite hobby is to lay in the middle of the kitchen floor when people are trying to do crazy stuff like cook dinner, followed by her close second of sneaking onto Kristina's bed during bedtime and hoping I won't notice her amongst the pile of stuffed animals and therefore allow her to remain in the girls' room when I leave for the night.

Whispey likes to sleep, particularly on warm and generally undisturbed by children places like my bed. Or my mother. My mother isn't quite as thrilled about his like for her as he would like. 

Overall they're good kitties, pretty chill, not much for destroying things, and friendly enough to visitors and family alike. Whispey, for all that he isn't especially keen on being Adrianna's stand-in doll, is still remarkably tolerant of all the "love" the children bestow upon him.

And now I've (re)realized why I don't blog about them much. They're cats. They sit there. Their hair covers all surfaces. They eat. They poop. They purr.

They don't DO much.

But they're very, very fuzzy!


  1. They are adorable!

    The orange one blends in with the floor, doesn't he? Mine does & he gets kicked & stepped on regularly - but he still sprawls across the kitchen floor!

  2. I blog far too much about my cats, but only because compared to our almost-dead dog they are fascinating. But yes, mostly cats are dull. Though yours are also very cute.

    (BTW, I did not know you'd written new posts because my husband commandeered all your links that were coming up in my blog feed. He enjoyed your Moving Pods In The Target Parking Lot saga.)