Saturday, February 11, 2012

I might be dying (or I have a cold, it's hard to tell)

I have been remarkably unsick during my time working at Target.

Apparently, I DO have a functioning immune system when it's not being bowled over by creating a parasite fetus or sustaining an infant and can manage to be exposed to I-don't-even-want-to-think-about-how-much-germy-nastiness each day without falling horribly ill. 

However, as of a few days ago, I am officially sick.

Now I don't actually know, for sure, whether I have a killer awesome immune system at this point (when it's not being sucked dry by other dependent lifeforms) or whether I'm just very stoic in my ability to ignore minor ailments to the point of not actually noticing them at all.

Regardless, right now I have succumbed to some evil massive snot producing infection that makes my head on the verge of exploding at any second.

(Talk about feeling sexy!)

But it also means I have re-discovered pseudoephedrin. Remember that part about having parasites much of the last 5 years? Yeah, you can't take pseudoephedrin when pregnant or breastfeeding.

And oh my goodness it really is the best drug ever.

Well, at least the best drug ever when one's own sinus cavity is trying to kill them through an invasion of mucus to degrees previously undocumented by modern science.

Or so I'm thinking... but if you happen to know of a better one, by all means, do share!

And I mean the sharing part both in the figurative "leave me a comment telling me all about its wonderfulness" and in the "please show up at my house in the next 20 minutes and give me some" senses. Just in case you were in the neighborhood and felt like dropping by to dope me up on cold medicine. Please, please do.

However, the magical powers of the magic of pseudoephedrin has been short lived, and I'm still having this "uggghh I think I'm dying" feeling.

A lot.

So if you need me, I'll be under the pile of snot filled Kleenex attempting to remember how to breathe and reminding myself how this is NOT worse than giving birth and thus a cold will NOT kill me.

Even if it kinda feels like it just might.


  1. No great advice, just total sympathy. I had a cold I thought I was going to die from this year. And I felt like a total idiot when it took me 10 days of this to remember that I was for the first time in 6 yrs neither pregnant nor breastfeeding, and thus the cornucopia of cold relief medicine was open to me. Wow, what relief! But... it is just me, or has the whole selection changed? Good luck, and I hope its short.

  2. I was sick the entire month of November, like walking dead zombie sick.

    Hang in there.