Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Smartass

One of the girls' favorite and very coveted things to play with is a jar of change my mom keeps on her dresser.

Presumably, the filling of the jar began many years ago simply as a place to empty full pockets of spare change into and to dig quarters out of should you happen to need $0.50 for something.

However, it has since became a toy, and has gotten more value for the few dollars in pennies it contains than it would have being used to buy almost anything else from the toy department (although I still strongly suspect you might have been able to buy, say, a jar of buttons that would be equally choking hazards appealing to small hands).

As Adrianna was certainly far to young to be playing with coins when we arrived to my parents' house over a year ago, she has had MANY reminders about how she isn't allowed to put the coins into her mouth.

And now has gotten rather sassy about it. 

Scold me for throwing pennies? Fine, I'll just roll in them. 

Tell me not to put it in my mouth? Ok, I'll just lick it instead.

Yeah, she may not talk much yet, but she is a total little smartass about the whole thing.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be one of those traits that makes her ever more my child.

I remember my very own mother calling me a smartass at some impressionable age or another, when I was still young enough to find the term very vulgar and shocking.

And then yesterday morning my boss's boss called me that.

It may or may not have been fully deserved at the time.


So my sweetheart Adrianna, I suppose I can't be too annoyed by your sassy ways, as apparently they are a hereditary trait along with your endearing brown eyes and adorably mischievous smile.


  1. She's got you on a technicality. I predict she'll grow up to be a lawyer.

  2. I believe it runs in families. My children are blessed to have two smartasses for parents. Lord, beer us strength.