Friday, February 10, 2012

A Night with Lea at Johnny's

A few Fridays past I had the opportunity to go see a performance at Johnny's Cigar Bar (no, I didn't have a cigar, merely a beer) by the girlfriend of one of my coworkers.

And she was truly impressive.

Playing the guitar or piano and singing at the same time is not nearly as simple as one might think. Preforming 3 hours worth of music that is 90% your own compositions is also not a particularly easy thing to do. And pulling both off at a professional level for your hobby is very impressive.

Sadly, I did not get a particularly outstanding video clip from the evening, between the lighting just being too dim for my camera and the ever increasing background noise as the bar filled up.

(Apparently  bars aren't really the best concert venue in the world when you're a music geek, believe it or not)

But the audio still came out ok on this one (well, until the guys sitting next to me started to talk at the end of it...), and you all just get to extrapolate the total awesomeness of the evening from that.

Ready... GO!


Lea Holz, January 27th 2012

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