Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parenting Fail: Box Cutters

A BIG part of my specific job at Target involves opening boxes.

And opening boxes is much easier with the assistance of a handy dandy little box cutter.

However, as I'm about as good at keeping track of them as keeping track of anything else, I've certainly ended up with more than a few passing through my possession during the past 6 months of working at Target.

From the beginning I really tried to make sure I don't leave them around my children.

By which I mean I usually leave them in the car and/or my purse (and then I leave my purse in super child-safe places like sitting on the floor next to my shoes...... ahem............), to at least avoid leaving them in random places all over the house so I both have a better chance of having one on hand to use while at work and to keep them away from my children.

See, I know small children shouldn't be allowed to play with sharp cutting instruments! Awesome parenting skills at work right there. I also keep things like swords stashed places like the back of my closet and not, say, sitting on my coffee table. Go mommy-me!

Unfortunately, even the best intentions aren't always worth a whole lot, and one day last week a box cutter made it into my bedroom in a pants pocket. When I noticed it poking at me, I took it out (as much to preserve my pants as anything else) and set it down on the nearest available surface.

Which just so happened to be my very-accessible-to-children-height nightstand.

And then I kinda forgot about it.

Which was exceptionally bad, as this particular box cutter also happened to be a brand new one and those suckers are SHARP. Nine times out of 10 the days I come home with my hands covered in blue bandaids it was a day I got a new box cutter.

However, it being a brand new box cutter also meant it was exceptionally shiny in addition to being exceptionally sharp.

So a few days later when I found Adrianna with it, she had been so distracted by admiring her reflection in the polished surface that she hadn't even noticed that it could open (and subsequently cut off her tiny baby fingers) and I managed to snatch it back up in time to narrowly avoid any true potential catastrophe.

And a trip to the ER for stitching tiny baby fingers back on.