Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sparkly Shoes and the Troubles They Bring

I was looking for some sparkly pink shoes for the girls for Easter this year (don't give me that look, it was Grandma's (AWESOME) suggestion in the first place), and I have been having a little bit of trouble with it.

Mostly, sizing trouble.

Not my children's foot size trouble, mind you, as I do know what size shoes they wear, but rather where that would put them on the size charts for the stores.

For example, over at Stride Rite, they list toddlers as 2-5 year olds. As the girls are 2 and 4, both their shoe sizes should be found within this category, right?


Kristina is most definitely in Kids, and Adrianna has at least another year (assuming her present rate of foot growth continues) before she'll be out of Baby.

[Interesting side note, Adrianna is currently wearing Kristina's first pair of tennis shoes right now. You know, only a year and change older than Kristina was when they were gotten for her.]

Stride Rite, why must you torment me so?

However, they DO have the cutest little pair of pink sparkly shoes in the entire size range.... so long as I don't mind spending three times as much as I had kinda been hoping to spend on two pairs of highly impractical (although unquestionably awesome) shoes which my children will undoubtedly only wear a handful of times before destroying. 

But the search did not stop there! I have found several very cute (and cheap! we love cheap!!) sparkly pink shoes that would work for Adrianna from places like Target, and even a close second in adorable flowerd pinkness albeit sans sparkle from Old Navy, but as previously mentioned, Kristina's feet are too big for the toddler sizes and neither of them have the matching big girl equivalents.

So there you have it, my children Bigfoot and Thumbelina and how finding cheap matching pink sparkly shoes for them is harder than it should be.

Also, I only ALMOST bought a pair of adult sized sparkly pink converse sneakers last week that were on clearance at work. I'm not sure whether this is a good display of maturity, frugality, or just a missed opportunity to personally own shoes of awesomeness, but I thought you dear readers would appreciate the anecdotal nature of it.

PS- Please feel free to bestow anyone in our little family with pink sparkly shoes at any time, as we will most certainly LOVE them. Forever. And you! For doing it.


  1. aw, man! i'm going w/ missed opportunity. there's nothing wrong w/ pink sparkly shoes at any age. just make sure to wear them w/ an appropriately awesome outfit. : )

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  3. What are the girl's sizes? Also... Lookie!

  4. I would have bought the sparkly converse. But I"m bad like that.

    I wish I had girls. Boys don't care about sparkly shoes.