Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank You Cookies

The reason I was inspired to write the Marty Mudding post when I did a week or two back was a direct result of nothing less than experiencing some car trouble.

A flat tire, to be exact.

And let me tell you, it was just the most exciting thing in the world to find coming off of work that evening. There's nothing like being tired and cranky and just wanting to go home to make dealing with car trouble so much more awesome. 

Alright, I'm sure SOME people don't consider a flat tire much car trouble.... and you are the ones I beg to come change flat tires for me.

[Side note: when I first wrote that last sentence I had "bed" instead of "beg" and almost published this with that typo still there.]

You see, car maintance is one of those areas where I'm totally happy just being... um... well, a wimpy ditzy girl.

I know I know, I *shouldn't* be so disregarding of basic car maintenance, especially not with how many miles I rack up driving by myself, but I just don't really care....

So, on that list which is floating around here somewhere, future life partner requirements will also include: ALL family car maintenance and willingness to come rescue me every time I have car trouble.

And until then, I'll keep going with the wimpy girl cop-out (yes I feel you looking at me with shock and disappointment because I don't know how to (or particularly want to know how to) change a flat tire) and then the equally girly post-helping me homemade cookies as a thank you approach.

Which, I would just like to point out, worked very, very well.

PS- Thank you (again) Craig!


  1. hey, i'm w/ you. i don't know how to do that stuff cuz it's what boys are for. : )

  2. FYI, the car's owner manual usually has instructions on changing the flat. Of course, everything you need for it is in the trunk, under all the other stuff you (well, I) keep in the trunk. :)

  3. I'm totally with you. I can't change a tire to save my life, and wouldn't even attempt trying!

  4. I know how to change a tire! I did it once 20 years ago just after I got my driver's license. My dad had me do it just so I'd be prepared. I haven't had to do it once since then -- THANK HEAVENS. But it's kind of hard & getting the jack attached is fussy. So, good job, Craig!

    My wimpy girl cop-out issue is retirement savings -- it's so boring. I buy mutual funds every year, and let my husband worry about the returns.