Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Walk with Aunt Barbie

A few weekends past, the girls' Great Aunt Barbie (and her slightly-less-adored-by-small-children husband, Great Uncle Scott) stopped by the house for a visit.

And at some point during the afternoon, Aunt Barbie and I took the girls outside to play.

(I can't imagine what they possibly would have being doing indoors to make us think they needed to be outdoors..... perhaps you readers would like to venture a few guesses?)

There was a game of snowball catch. Notice Adrianna's prized naked man which she insisted on bringing outside to play and then giggled gleefully at the whole time.

There was some snow pile climbing, which Kristina is much more adept at to Adrianna's sorrow. 

And then, a walk was suggested.

A sled pulling walk to be exact.

But after making it to the end of the driveway, Kristina said she needed Aunt Barbie's help to pull Adrianna. 

You know, about 30 seconds before she decided that Aunt Barbie really should just pull both of them in the sled.

And that is how the rest of the walk went. Very full of exercise, no doubt, for at least one person involved....

PS- Aunt Barbie, I have your hat! It has spent a week sitting at our house and another week sitting in my car, but I promise one of these days I WILL make it by your house before/after work to drop it off for you!

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  1. Can you ship some snow here? I want some so badly. And we went to the zoo with short sleeves today.