Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Day My Child Drank Syrup

Last week I made the girls pancakes for dinner one evening, and decided to cook up the remaining batter so Kristina could have pancakes in for lunch the next day at school.

All reasonable parent action here, yes? 

But then trouble started when I went to pack up Kristina's lunch box, even though at the time I certainly didn't mark it as trouble.

You see, Kristina's lunch box has two compartments to it, and most of the time her lunch fits in just the top one. However, I have certainly done things liked packed her spaghetti in the bottom compartment before without any problems, and didn't give sticking the pancakes in there a second thought.

I also packed her a little container of syrup in the main compartment with her milk and a banana, assuming she'd know that there was another part of her lunch for it to go on, or that at the very least she'd tell her teachers that Mommy sent her syrup for lunch and her teachers would then check her lunch box for something along the lines of pancakes.

And that is where I made the horrible horrible mistake of assuming 4 year olds think like actual people.

She didn't blink an eye (or open a mouth) at me sending her a container of syrup, assumed that the entirety of her lunch was in the top compartment, and promptly drank the syrup as part of her lunch with the pancakes untouched.

And then I showed up at the school as the kids were finishing their lunches.

Me: Kristina where are your pancakes?
Kristina: Silly Mommy, you didn't send me pancakes!
Me: Yes I did, they're right here in your lunch box.
Kristina: Oooooooooh. Can I have syrup on them?
Me: What did you do with the syrup you had ?
Kristina: I drank it!!

At that moment I decided it was best to just go find the preschool's big bottle of syrup for her and let the whole thing go.

You know, about how my stomach was feeling about ready to let go.....