Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Steak and BJ Day

Why yes, there IS a new holiday in town: Steak and Blowjob Day.

Apparently it's a counter measure of Valentine's Day started by the male folk of the internet after feeling that it was a holiday unfairly slanted towards women.

Personally, I'd rather see Valentine's Day go away than establish another pointless day to feel obligated to celebrate to balance unfairness.

Plus this holiday has a pretty vulgar name (and like, can you imagine Hallmark trying to make a pg rated card to sell??)

However, at least the name's crudeness makes it VERY clear as to what, exactly, is expected of the holiday, while Valentine's Day is still a little sketchy beyond the generic bestowing onto the girl of roses and chocolate.

(For the record, I'm a big fan of chocolate. Oh, and roses are pretty nice too. You know, in case anyone felt like some bestowing.)

((Also, beer.))

Any thoughts on the matter?


  1. my initial thought is "gross" because at least valentine's day doesn't require you to explain to your child what BJ means. UGH. ppl are just twisted. if you don't want to celebrate valentine's day, DON'T. i don't go around pissing & moaning about the irish getting a recognized holiday every year while the germans get the shaft, do i? meh.

    sorry about the rant. you did ask for thoughts... LOL

    beer's a good thought, tho!

  2. Pssh Germans don't get a holiday, what do you call Oktoberfest?! :-p

  3. I would love a steak and BJ, thanks!

    I also love how the previous poster worked "get the shaft" into her comment!