Monday, March 12, 2012

Heroic Coworker

Remember my post last week about my coworker Adam adoring my blog?

Well, the question of cyber-stalking aside, he was flattered by it.

...... and then promptly said that he was surprised I didn't mention anything about him, like, doing heroic stuff at Target.

Oh. Right. Heroic stuff.
So in his free time when he isn't working at Target, Adam is a volunteer with the Boulder Rural Fire Department, which means in addition to getting to pose for sexy firefighter calenders also means he gets all sorts of paramedic and first responder training.

And once the Executives found out about this particular set of skills, they now page him by name over the walkies when there is a medical concern or Code Green (injury) called out.

Don't worry though, I get paged by name to answer questions about diapers, so Target is making great use of all it's employees specialized extracurricular interests.

(Do you know a lot about vacuums? Please come work at Target, and save me the trouble of pretending like I know anything about vacuums.)

However, the aspect of Adam that I personally find genuinely heroic isn't that he gingerly gives popcorn and soda to the fainting cashiers, but rather that he's been actively pursuing the career he wants and went to school for and dreams of having the entire time he's been working at Target.

(You know, especially when compared to my total contentment for just settling with a crummy job and life.)

So in tribute to his aspirations, I asked the husband of a good friend of mine from college to photograph a reenactment of Adam's dream job, which he will hopefully get very very soon.

A very special thanks to Brian McMillan for doing the truly wonderful Lego project for me, and allowing for the artistic vision of building the future from the childhood dreams to become a reality just for my silly little blog.

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