Friday, March 30, 2012

I Shop for Houses as if they were Shoes

I found another house I want.

This little one here.

It's on the small side, with only 962 finished square feet (and another 616 in an unfinished basement) but that also would make it more manageable for me by myself.

And it's cheap.

I like cheap.

Cheap means I might actually have a teensy tiny realistic chance of buying it (or something similar) sometime this lifetime.  

The biggest drawback is it's location. It's out in the middle of Longmont, which isn't a terrible place to live by any means and many people certainly do so because houses are actually relatively affordable out there.

But it's a touch farther away from Boulder than might be ideal commute wise (although for the record it'd still be less than I'm driving now), and it would also mean really relocating the girls to a whole new community.

Kristina wouldn't go off to Kindergarten with the kids she's been at preschool with. I wouldn't continue to almost sorta be making friends with those parents. We would lose the small town aspect of our lives.

And my parents would be a little ways away. Certainly close enough so that they would probably see the girls at least every few weeks, but not RIGHT THERE should something come up.

However, being out of the mountains would be a huge help weather wise, where stuff like snow just isn't the same issue as it is up here.

(Read: Marty wouldn't have to worry about shoveling the driveway because it wouldn't be that deep and it'd all melt off anyways real quick)

And there really is appeal in things like sidewalks running right by your front door when looking at little bikes and scooters that the little people want to ride more often than they get to.

But far and away, the biggest mark of note in this house is the two upstairs bedrooms.


*nearly faints*

Yes yes, paint is cheap and easy and I could totally do it to any house. But.... this one comes with a pink room for Kristina and a purple room for Adrianna.

(Have I mentioned Adrianna's been liking purple ever since she got handed down the cutest little purple pony shirt? Although she still has strong opinions about her shoes needing to be pink. Just ask my mother, who tried really hard to get her new shoes that she wouldn't wear since they were only partially pink.)

Plus getting around to actually painting rooms isn't Marty's strong suite. Just sayin'. 

The listing does say it needs TLC, which is always one of those really questionable things... But at least as far as the pictures are concerned, it really doesn't look that bad (or at least, I've looked at pictures of houses that are waaaaay worse).

The bathrooms look downright nice even!

It does look like closet doors are missing, and the kitchen most certainly needs appliances and is a very basic bottom line sort of kitchen to begin with, but I'm totally ok not having shiny counter tops and buying a new non-icky dishwasher and fridge.

There are always the questions about windows and furnaces and hot water heaters and roofs in every potential purchase, but the house isn't so old to make everything definitely NEED replacement right at once.

(Or so my clueless self is figuring right now. Don't worry, I'm sure life will teach me how wrong I probably am soon enough.) 

The unfinished basement is a huge question mark, as there are no pictures of it, but with the house having been built in 1981 I'd be genuinely surprised if it was THAT bad.

I've had some BAD basements. It would take a lot to make me pause at this point. And I totally see the space as being a play area of the girls, cement floor and all until it got finished.

The yard doesn't look to be in overly great condition, although it's a little hard to tell whether it was the time of year the pictures were taken (all yards rather look like that in the winter here in between snow falls) or whether the grass is really that poor.

But I'm not a huge caring-about-yards sort of person so long as there is space sufficient for something like a trampoline and kicking a ball around.

Also, if the grass in the backyard doesn't grow, that means it doesn't need to get mowed.....

But I'm sure I'd like, sprinkle some grass seed out there and remember to water it occasionally. Or at least let my children plant dandelions and play with the hose. That's totally the same thing, right? Yep, we would SO be the family with the yard made entirely of dandelions.

Excuse me, the AWESOME yard made entirely of dandelions.

(Note to self: Write blog post about planting dandelion seeds in my mother's garden as a child.)

((And write about the creepy basements. With pictures.))

So maybe, someday, I really might have a shot at buying my own perfect little house for my own  perfect little family.


  1. I'm checking out houses daily. I did it even before we were shopping for Wayne Manor, but now that MY ENTIRE FUTURE depends upon where I live, I'm even more obsessive about it. (Yes, I was meaning to be melodramatic. As someone said, it's a house. You don't like it, you sell it.)

  2. That looks like the perfect yard for a trampoline or a big hutch of bunnies. Good luck with your house hunt.

  3. It's adorable!! And those pink and purple rooms were meant to be.