Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Leprechauns Strike Again

Kristina's preschool is a unique place for her to be.

I have worked in half a dozen (including this one), sent my children to childcare facilities in 3 different states, and observed countless more over the years.

And I have yet to come across a place quite like Over the Rainbow.

One of the things that I have never seen anywhere else is what the teachers do for St. Patrick's day.

Every year the leprechauns break into the school overnight a few days before the holiday itself.

They leave green footprints on the tables, the windows and doors, even the sidewalk out outside.

Gold nuggets are hidden on the playground, and Hershy kisses are stashed all over the classroom for the kids to find throughout the day.

Last year the sneaky little guys made the toilet water green. This year they strung toilet paper all over the entire bathroom.

Toys are dumped out, chairs are knocked over, and those little green footprints are on every easily washable surface you see.

(They certainly are a considerate mayhem creating bunch, those sneaky leprechauns.)

And very sadly, I have yet to manage to get a picture of it.

Because it is so creative, so unique, and such a big hit with the children that it truly deserves to be immortalized on the internet.

Happy St. Patrick's day, for all those of you from good Irish stock like myself and even those who aren't!

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  1. Our current daycare does something very similar and my kids have started to anticipate antics at home. I maintain our home is always such a pit that how would we know?