Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Letter to the Library

Dear Library,

I think you're just awesome. No really, I do! And so do my kids!

And even though your children's section isn't the biggest I've ever seen, it's certainly respectable and we greatly enjoy selecting new picture books every few weeks.

My children also love playing on the little kids computer with all the reading games and I am eternally grateful that you have two sets of headphones hooked up, as it occasionally even allows me to find a book for myself.

But see, our constant state of having library books around the house means that, occasionally, they meet with some slight mishap.

And for those mishaps, I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry about the Little Critters book that Kristina somehow pulled the middle pages out of. I'm really sorry about the Nightmare in my Closet book that Adrianna ripped a page half off in. I'm really sorry about the Brown Bear Brown Bear book that got orange juice spilled on it, and the copy of Curious George that had an unfortunate meeting with peanut butter.

And I'm really really sorry about the Are you my Mother book that Adrianna chewed a corner off of.

I swear, it's one of her (delicious) favorites!

So even though Chika Chika sometimes gets a little too much Boom Boom, please know that it's just because we are a literary loving (sometimes to death) sort of family.

Oh, and my most sincerest apologies of all about last week when they started running up and down the rows screeching while I was checking out our books. I swear we will have a very long talk about how the other library patrons might start beating them with books if they do that again.

Best wishes,

Me (& children)
Nederland Library new building grand opening, Jan 30th 2011

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  1. I'm sure your library understands. After all, it's a socialist institution hiding in plain view in a capitalist society, so it can ill afford to make enemies.