Saturday, March 10, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Sweet Tooth Bakers

I am not a  big cooking person.

I like to eat food, and understand the correlation between cooking food and eating it, and certainly find myself in the kitchen for that very purpose at least occasionally and sometimes even manage to create surprisingly good things in there.

But there is one sort of food I ENJOY making: Sweets.

I could make chocolate chip cookies with a blindfold on, and think that brownies are the easiest thing in the world to whip up real quick.

I will be ambitious with cake, and find discussion over fudge and how the ratio of marshmallow to chocolate changes the consistency of the end product genuinely engaging.

Now, I could attempt to justify this particular cooking prefeance into the lofty ideal of being a baker or simply having a better understanding of how flour works in the oven instead of pork ribs.

But really, it's just because I LIKE sweets. I'd rather eat brownies than breaded veal cutlets, so I make brownies and order a pizza (and call it a fine, fine dinner).

And my little girls have learned that all the best cooks in the world specialize on the good stuff to eat.  

Kristina was adorable baking her cookies, and talking about needing to put on her oven mitt because they were hot and then holding the tray with her un-mitted hand.

[Side note: see the kitchen behind her? We were just handed down that kitchen from a family friend, and the BEST feature of it is that the oven is big enough to accommodate the cookie tray, as the little play kitchen we have had (see behind Adrianna in the picture below) was too small for the cookie set (ironically, much like Mommy's oven in Oklahoma.... which led to the discovery that no, you cannot bake cookies on a slant......... *ahem*) so Kristina has been ALL about the cookies the last little bit.]

And not to be outdone, Adrianna set about making some delicious cupcakes as well. See that cupcake in her left hand? It had a tag on it back when I got the set for Kristina, and when she was right about Adrianna's age she thought the tag should be cut off. So she did. And then I was the ashamed Mommy who only knows how to fix things with glue and staples, even when they're fabric. But for the record, it's 2 years later and that glue is still going strong.

And then the girls packed up their goodies and tea set and went on a picnic to their bedroom, I mean, the jungle.

Because really, what better thing to do with fresh cookies than serve them at a tea party with a tiger?

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  1. I agree. That's the best kind of cooking!! And we have those same cookies - love them!