Friday, March 23, 2012

My Coworkers Might Know Me Too Well

Yesterday I had another eye appointment, and decided to stop by Target afterwards.

Although my boss DID schedule me to have 3 days off in a row, I have to admit, it's just strange not being inside Target for any length of time longer than 24 hours.

Plus I needed soda and chocolate chips, and one thing Target keeps excellent prices on is chocolate chips.

So I began a lazy circulate around the store, indulging Adrianna in her whims and chatting with my coworkers as I came across them.

Don't worry though, I totally kept it educational and toddler focused by having Adrianna name off the colors of towels as we walked by. She only missed one, red.... but it's ok, it's not like that's a super important primary color or anything....... *ahem*

We soon made it to the toy section, and Adrianna immediately fell in love with a big pink ball. I have to admit, it was a pretty awesome big pink ball and I did feel a bit like a cruel mommy for making her put it back when we were leaving.

Now the Team Lead of the toy section (ok ok, the supervising boss of several important sections which also includes toys) just so happens to be the very same awesome beyond awesome coworker who changed my flat tire a little while back.

So you might think he likes me.

But you would be wrong.

Or at least, misled. As a general rule, he's never overly happy to see me hanging out in the toy section allowing my children to wreck small amounts of havoc while also causing social loafing in my coworkers, and my attempts to point out to him how I buy so many MORE toys from Target since working here while spending way LESS time letting my children destroy things don't really have the moving effect one might hope for.

But I think we have a pretty good mutual understanding in place at this point, where he generally ignores my hanging around the toy section so long as I'm not distracting his electronics team too much, pick up everything my kids get out, and occasionally do a little extra zoning for good measure.

(And if that ever fails, I'll just make him some brownies to squeak back into his good graces.)

And after I made sure the squishy animals were back in their proper squishy animal homes and pried the plastic wheelbarrow out of Adrianna's determined clutches, we migrated over to the section of the store we actually came in to see: the groceries.

The Target in Boulder is not a full Super Target (but rather what they call a P-Fresh store because the city wouldn't let them expand any more) and isn't the best place in the world to do a full grocery shopping trip with their abbreviated food selection.

However, I wasn't stocking up on a weeks worth of groceries, I only wanted chocolate chips and soda, and Target really does usually have competitive prices on both those items even before counting my employee discount.

So I picked up my chocolate and a few other things Adrianna insisted on, like a box of Teddy Grahams and orange juice, and we continued our meandering employee chatting progress through the store.

At one point, I had stopped to say hi to Adam and he noticed my shopping cart with it's three bags of chocolate chips sitting on top.

Adam: You needed some chocolate today huh?
Me: Nah, I just felt like doing some baking today.
Adam: So 2 of those are for baking and one is for eating?
Me: Um... yes...........

Yay science!
And then good ol' Capt'n Jack just HAD to chime in with: Oh she's lying, see how she's not wearing any makeup today? She's totally going to eat all three bags as soon as she gets home.

(I probably shouldn't flip off my superiors on a regular basis.)

And now I'm conflicted between annoyance that my coworkers might actually know me well enough to correctly gauge my chocolate buying/eating tendencies (even when they might imply eating copious amounts of chocolate chips), and being touched by the fact that I'm actually making friends!!

You see, my chocolate habits are one of those points of discussion that comes up at big Marty life events like my wedding, when my friends and family members whom had never previously met each other come together and become best buds after bonding over the shared annoyance about my tendency to do things like leave bags of M&Ms in their car (I was saving them for later!) which then got all melty and they ALWAYS knew it was me when they stuck their hand in the door holder thingy and it was goopy.

(Why yes, that IS an actual conversation I witnessed two of my bffs having on my wedding day.) 

So it's good to know that all the new people I have been meeting recently will have something to talk about with the older friends and family of Marty at my next large social gathering.

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