Friday, March 16, 2012

Not all Birthday Parties are Created Equal

This upcoming Saturday will be the first that Kristina does not have a birthday party to attend in the last month.

(Apparently May is a popular month to play... um... "checkers"....... here in Colorado.)

And the one we went to last weekend definitely took the cake for fancy preschool parties.

No really, it had a frilly pink cake that probably cost more than my wedding cake did and a wow factor previously unseen off of shows like Cake Boss. 

The bottom pedestal part was layers upon layers (I suppose some might have stopped to count the exact number before eating. But those some would not have been me or Kristina. So I'll just guess somewhere between 7 and 12 for the exacting mathematical ones of you (HI Rachel!!)) of strawberry cake intermixed with awesomely rich frosting. The skirt part was the same incredible layers of cake, but of a white looking variety (as I didn't have more than one slice, I couldn't tell you for sure what the cake was other than not strawberry, chocolate, or red velvet) and the fondant was all lacy patterened and stuff (can you tell how much I care about the finer details of cake decoration?) and the torso of the little princess fairy (styled after the birthday girl no less) was made out of modeling chocolate.

I'm REALLY hoping Kristina will have forgotten about this particular pink cake awesome monstrosity by August. Because I was totally digging her $16 King Supers pink cake from her last birthday, and was rather hoping I could, perhaps, get away with that every year.

See? A perfectly pink table spread, if I do say so myself. And my instructions for the cake decoration were (and I quote): "Make it PINK. And maybe with some flowers or something...??" The Bakery Team totally delivered! They even spelled her name exactly as I put it on the order form and everything!

And the cake itself... ok, it was just a generic sheet cake with some pinkly sprayed frosting, but it tasted like sufficiently sugary cake! What more do kids expect? They're just going to gobble it up and demand seconds anyways, cake quality is totally lost on the preschool crowd.

But it wasn't just the cake that made me feel as though my idea of a good birthday party for my child was lacking.

There was bejewled face painting.

There were fairy wings and crowns to decorate.

The birthday girl's mama had even made 30 tutus for all the little party guests to wear and bring home as favors.

Of course, Kristina's favorite parts were (in order): the tutu, the pink balloons, and running up and down the Nederland Community Center hallway with her friends.

You know, I could probably make sure her next birthday party contained those things. After all, the success of a child's party should totally depend on how happy it made the birthday child. And if all Kristina really needs to be in 7th heaven are her friends to run around with, some helium filled pink balloons, and a special fancy tutu, I can totally make that happen.

Please just don't remember about the fancy cake sweetheart, Mommy balks at paying that type of cash for something that's just going to be eaten right up.


  1. Ok, I was going to help you bling out your cake, and you can totally do the sparkly face paint and wing/crown decorations...but the tutus. The tutus are tutu much. And I want one, I cannot describe how much I want one right this minute.

    For the past several birthdays, I have gotten a plane sheet cake from Costco and used fancy stuff from ebay to decorate it. For the firefighter year, it was firefighter figures, engine, and trees with orange frosting fire on them. People thought I was all kinds of fancy. Then I moved on to Batman and Star Wars, same idea. I'm sure you could find princess/fairy/pink stuff pretty cheaply that would jazz up a plain cake.

  2. My wedding cake was a leftover Christmas fruit cake that my husband's grandmother found in her freezer. But if I had it to do over again: I'd want that princess cake, but fashioned after me.

  3. Impressive. Nothing like making all the other Mommies feel pressure to live up to, huh?