Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponies and Bronies

Remember me discussing how guys suddenly decided that My Little Ponies were cool a few years back and instantly became their own internet cult called Bronies?

Girls have loved My Little Ponies since they first came out, and it still totally annoys me that previously being a pony collector was one of those things that people think you're nuts for and now being a Brony is totally hip and cool.

*Bro Hoof*

Also, if I see one more stupid boy posting about how his 6 pony toys from McDonald's are super cool I am going to scream.

THIS is a pony collection that is super cool. MY pony collection is super cool. Your handful of McDonald's toys is just pitiful, but even worse is you bragging about having more of them than other Bronies.

Dear Bronies, we loved them first.  
Sincerely, the Girls


  1. Okay, this kind of explains some stuff I've seen online going on w/ MLP. In particular, a slightly disturbing collection of MLP slash fanfiction. And by "slightly" I mean "OHMIGOD this is so much worse than any Spock/Kirk story I HAVE EVER READ! MY EYES! MY!!!!! EYESSSSS!!!" Also I've seen tweets to John De Lancie from male MLP fans saying how much they love his voice work on the series. So thanks!

  2. I just read an article in the Washington Post over the weekend about Bronies.