Monday, March 19, 2012

The Red Eye Reveal

I spent my lunch break today running over to the Optometrists office for an official medical evaluation of my red crusty eyes.

I'm sure you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering about it and whether or not I'd wear glasses long enough to merit buying one of those "geek is the new sexy" shirts in defense of my slightly unwilling fashion statement.

And the appointment was certainly informative!

....Or something like that...... 

First up, for all the coworkers who keep asking me this, I do NOT have a generic "pink eye" infection!

However, I DO still have an actual eye infection, but whether it's bacterial or viral is undetermined at this time.

I also have eye irritation from allergies, probably of the seasonal hay fever variety.

Oh, and my glasses are a horribly outdated prescription and I totally should not be driving in them.

(I may or may not have been annoyed at myself for not calling into work a few of the past days under the guise of "I'm not allowed to drive because I can't see and therefore I can't come in today".) 

So the very nice Optometrist lady, Dr. Potter, gave me some drops to put in my eyes 4 times a day which are a combination antibiotic, in case it's a bacterial infection, and steroid, to decrease their general red puffy state.

And I'm to take regular hay fever allergy medicine as well, just to try and help decrease as much of this misery as possible.

Sadly, if it turns out to be a viral infection there isn't a whole lot that can be done besides waiting for it to run it's course, just like any other virus that takes up residency.

(See also: Why strep is better than the flu.) 

I also have a follow up visit scheduled for Thursday morning.

Which also means the office gets to meet my 2-year-old.

I'm not sure whether I should be terrified or delusional about how things will go.  Either way, I'm sure it fall under the delightfully broad category of "interesting".

However, when I was making the appointment I did mention the child-accompanying-me aspect which that day would require and as the receptionist only asked what time would be best for her schedule and didn't start twitching or run away screaming or act like I was absolutely nuts for saying that, I'm going to assume it's a pretty laid back office that has probably seen small children inside of it before.

Actually, I wasn't THAT much older than Kristina is when I started going there for annual eye exams, and I know there were a few moments of possibly questionable behavior over the years that nobody got overly cross at me for.

(What can I say, I had a low tolerance for mildly uncomfortable eye drops and liked to be overly dramatic about such things.)

(I was also a big fan of spinny chairs.)


However, the one part of these visits that is bad is the cost. See, right now we're in the exact middle of that 6 week chunk between the divorce being finalized and my gaining eligibility for Target's health insurance plan, so I'm paying for the visits out of pocket.

And even though the Optometrist was wonderful and  got me some sample drops to save the cost of a prescription, the office fees just aren't cheap.

Bad eyes, didn't you know this was the wrong month to have issues??

Oh well, at least it'll serve to make me very happy about that particular deduction from my paycheck starting up soon.

In the mean time, I think I'm going to find a warm washcloth go drape over my face and pretend I'm a famous film star being pampered with a special skin enhancing treatment instead of just a crabby girl with sore itchy eyes.


  1. You look completely different with the new glasses on! :P

    One of the worst days of my life involved taking my three year old and four month old to the eye dr with me. I was so traumatically scarred that it took me three years to return.

    Good luck with the infection.

  2. I hope that you eye clears up sooner rather then later.

    I've had to take my kids to most of my doctor's appointments with me since my Kaitlyn was born. I found that the trick with her is to bring snacks along with me and a lot of them. Before her brother came along, she would also be strapped into an umbrella stroller but now she is content to sit in a chair and watch whatever is going on while eating her snack. It might be worth a try with Adrianna