Friday, March 2, 2012

A Small Note of Life

It's been a tiring week. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I have lots of ideas for blog posts bouncing around, but really just need to take a hot bath and go to bed tonight. Sorry. I have every intention of getting back in the grove of actually writing something blog-worthy for next week.

In very random and unimportant to anyone not living inside my head news, that big yellow house I really liked in Nederland is back as an active listing and no longer under contract. I'm kinda suspecting it just might be a cruel joke by the powers that be [see chart below to pick your aforementioned powers] to test whether I'm crazy enough to actually think I could buy something clearly listed as a fixer-upper by myself. Obviously I may have a few delusions of my personal grander and ability to use hammers, as I sit here and stare at those pictures of the run down place thinking "oh yes, I could easily fix that".

However, I'm quite certain attempting to own such a place would provide PLENTY of excellent blogging material, so it would (probably) be totally worth it in the end.

I think....

And just to make sure this blog post is especially lost to Martyland thought process, I came across this in the internets a little while back and think it's just excellent. Enjoy!

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  1. LOVE that chart! Hope you feel better next week.

  2. Did I ever tell you that when I was a kid we built our house in a scrappy, one-upping MacGyver kind of way.