Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sucker Blog

Alright. I'm a total sucker for people who like my blog.

As I see it, there are two levels of dedicated readers.

There are the very wonderful fellow blogger ones who read my blog daily and leave lots of wonderful comments, and these are the ones whom I start to feel like I really know as people. I also read many of the blogs THEY keep as well, which really adds to the whole touchy feely building relations thing.

(And whom I promise I'll get to blogging about SOON!)

And then there are those whom I know read my blog on a daily basis because they tell me they do despite never leaving a comment. Most of the people in this category are people I know in real life. My parents fall into this category, as does my ex husband.

However, there have been some recent new arrivals to this list, including some people I went to school with back in the day (who then do things like email me telling me how much they love it (HI JUSTIN!! HI AMANDA!!)) and even *gulp* some of my current coworkers......

The coworkers make me just a little bit nervous.

And like, even for reasons beyond me blogging about doing random things like stealing cupcakes from the trash at Target that may or may not actually be something that could get in trouble.

See, this blog is so incredibly ME, and what if they don't like ME???

The amount of ME I show at work varies, some days are just the sort where I need a little more of a buffer between ME and the rest of the world, and which specific people I show ME to is something I like having discretion over.

However, that also means that I end up having conversations like the one I had last week where a coworker found out that A) I was 26 and "old" as he put it, B) divorced, and C) had children. And he is one of the coworkers who I'd actually categorize as a friend!

How could I possibly have worked with him for 8 months and never mentioned any personal detail what-so-ever??

Well, some days I guess I don't like being personal......

So you can see how coworkers finding and reading my blog might make me ever so slightly apprehensive. But then, they do things like tell me they've started checking it every day and think it's awesome and really impressive.

(It's really hard to not like hearing that from anyone.)

And then they ask me why I haven't mentioned them in it.

So Adam, this blog post is for you. For being an awesome coworker, and reading it, and regularly telling me how awesome you think my blogging is :-)

However, the only thing I can think of to mention about you right now is the conversation we had yesterday.

Adam: Hey, how'd you know I like country music? [in reference to me posting  a link on his facebook page the day prior about Toby Keith]
Me: ....Um, you told me about going to that Brad Paisley concert a few months ago, remember?
Adam: Oh. Yeah. 
Me. I mean, I guess I was just kinda inferring that you liked country music as a genre from you talking about how awesome the Brad Paisley concert was... 
Adam: Haha, so you weren't stalking me?
Me: No. 

But now I'm totally blogging about him. Which is kinda like the stalker thing but in reverse. 

And now you all know one of the best ways to make it into my blog, exceptional flattery.

For as I said, I am a true sucker for people saying "I like your blog" because it translates to "I like YOU and I like what you DO".

And those are things I haven't heard a whole lot in my adult life, but give me an instant sense of self-validation, which is really really cool.


  1. I'm the same way...but maybe a bit more neurotic because when someone random (or anyone really) tells me they read my blog I usually go back & re-read it with them in mind & analyze how they took it. ...Now that I type that out I sound a bit cuckoo...

    1. Oh no, not at all, I do that with my facebook profile every time someone new friends me.

  2. Yes, that categorizes as cyber-stalking Adam, but whatever. I do it, too.

    1. But wouldn't stalking be more like going over every minute detail on his facebook profile and googling his activities, you know, the online equivalent to standing in his bushes with binoculars? This is more like, cyber-editorializing in a creepy friend sorta way (and obviously the language hasn't been keeping up with the technology). Or something like that...

  3. I love your blog. I should comment more often. Sometimes I travel or don't have time to check for a couple days, and then I'm like, "ooh, multiple Marty blog posts to read! I *win*!" :)