Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Adrianna in Kristina's Hair

Do you remember your little brother or sister being able to get away with just about anything? And your mother dismissed it as simply you misremembering your childhood?

Yeah, they totally *did* get away with murder.

And your mother was horrible and just took a video of your little sibling doing something which had you been doing to them would have gotten you quite the scolding while sniggering to herself about how funny it was.

Because the baby of the family is always cute and adorable.

Even when being a pain in the neck (or hair, as the case may be) for you.  


Friday, April 27, 2012

Small Town Living

Last weekend was the infamous 4-20.

As I was scheduled to get off of work at 1:30 that afternoon, I was long gone from Boulder when the protest march against them shutting down CU's campus for the annual 10,000 strong smoke out began.

Incidentally, I was also long gone from Target before all the munchies started to hit and all the high people flooded in to buy potatoes chisp and Twizzlers, so my day really had been pretty normal.

However, one of the guys on Instocks had mentioned possibly going up to Nederland that evening.

I was mildly intrigued, but didn't give it a whole lot of thought right then. But evening rolled around, and the girls were actually going to bed (this really is a remark worthy statement still justsoyaknow), and I saw a couple other things popping up from other coworkers on facebook about, yes indeed, hitting up the bars in Ned that evening.

And I thought it sounded really awesome compared to how hanging out with them usually involves lots of me driving up and down mountains. Plus I'd get to show off my town that little tiny bit.

So I managed to get my extremely awesome and gracious mother to agree to be "on duty" with the sleeping children for all lost pacifier and other emergencies that the night might bring, and met up with what has almost become my group at Whistlers.

(Oh my god I'm so cool I have a group! Of friends!! EEEeee!!!)

Somehow though, in those hours I had spent at home, I had forgotten that it was the infamous 4-20 and therefore was a little surprised by EVERYONE in the town being incredibly baked (and many were fairly drunk as well).

(Not these are necessarily unusual states to find Nederland people in, just unusual for it to be that en mass.) 

And that was when the small town living really started to catch up with me.

Admittedly, part of how I ended up with my group in the first place was the result of one of the guys I work with being the husband of a former teacher at Kristina's preschool, and her and I are good pals in all of this.

But then it gets just a little bit strange to see other teachers and parents also out partying it up (says the person totally ditching her children to go drink beer and listen to a couple of awesome smalltown bands).

However, if there is one crazy hippie philosophy I actually believe in, it's the live and let live one, and therefore what people do on Friday nights is their business.

(So long as kids aren't being left alone or brought along to the bar, of course.)

Plus I felt *really* cool knowing people to say hi to cause I was a badass local and shit, while completely ignoring the fact that the only reason I know these people at all is because of the whole "Mommy" thing.

(My internal perception of myself gets waaaaay cooler in these environments.)

But hey, at least I didn't run into anyone from church....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wine Rack

Have you seen THIS contraption floating through the internets yet?

I cannot think of words for describing it any better than the actual product description.

The Winerack every girls best friend. Turn an A cup in to double Ds and sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends. Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too. Not to mention the savings on over priced drinks. We developed The Winerack to Fill Out our product line if you will. The picture shown here is of our good friend Drea, who is not, no offense Drea, Well Endowed. Sporting the Winerack and Voila’ Drea’s giving Pamela Anderson a run for the money. Take a bottle of wine, a mixed drink or even a fifth of your favorite hard stuff to the movies, concerts, ball games, even PTA meetings. Sporting a rack that will turn heads and serving a beverage that will have guys standing in line for a sip of your secret stash. With simple blow into the tube it's easy to keep that full look even as you drink from your secret stash. 

And now I am torn between being saddened by the present state of humanity and wanting to buy one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Potty Training: Adrianna Edition Pt. 1

Adrianna is kinda sorta almost potty training.

You know, in that way that her Mama wants her out of diapers more than she wants a decent paying job.

However, Adrianna is two.

That means she's kinda sorta almost uncooperative about just about everything most of the time.

But never fear, for Mama has a loooong list of assorted training "methods" and will simply keep going through each and every one until the morning the little stinker sweetheart wakes up and decides she wants to do it after all.

Admittedly, I'm finding potty training the second time around a little harder, because I'm working full time instead of eating/sleeping/living babies and therefore don't have the days on end to spend doing absolutely nothing but trying to convince that child to piss in the damn toilet.

Also, I care a little more since my brain isn't being sucked out via the nipples by a new baby, so dealing with slow progress is more frustrating merely because I'm aware of it. 

And I may take vacation time some time soon with the sole intention of doing potty training bootcamp for three days.

(Doesn't that sound like a fun vacation? I'll get back to work and everyone will be like "How was your time off?" and I can be like "It was just swell! There's nothing more relaxing than spending hours sitting on the floor of a small cramped bathroom begging someone with the communication skills of an affectionate hamster to pleeeeaase go peepees and doing 12 loads of urine covered laundry a day. Would you like tickets for the next round?? I can totally get you a discount!")

However, despite her great strides forward being small and quickly regressed each day (and Mommy saying a prayer every night to pleeeeaaase let Adrianna move out of diapers soon), she has been exceptionally cute when she does stuff like move the toy potty into the bathroom next to hers (well, her sister's infamous little pink potty) and teach all of her dolls how to use it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Questionable Dress

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes of my day at Target working out softlines abandoned (that would be the pile of clothes left at the fitting room for those of you not caught up on Teamspeak vocabulary yet), which always involves lots of aimless wandering through the racks of clothes until I manage to find the specific table or rack I'm looking for.

You see, over in hardlines (that would be everything that's not clothing, shoes, and baby stuff) everything has a location, where you can pull it up in the computer and the computer tells you EXACTLY where it goes in the store.

If you scan a bar code on a tshirt, it just says it has no sales floor locations and you're on your own to figure out where that rack might be.

So I'm not a huge fan of softlines in general, and may try to avoid it whenever possible.

But yesterday I was over in the women's clothing section (whether I wanted to be or not), and noticed that Target has a LOT of very cute little summer dresses out right now.

And then I remembered about this test I'm had scheduled for this morning for a job with the City Court of Westminster, and that I had been a bit disenchanted by my wardrobe when I was thinking about what I should wear to it the other day.

So I set right about getting myself a cute little Target summer dress as soon as I was off the clock!

I grabbed several black ones, as one can never go wrong wearing a little black dress (not that I'd know as I haven't owned one in 4 or 5 years, but I hear that said a lot so I'll just assume it's true), as well as some of the pretty summer prints that had just come out.

I was very conscience of wanting it to be decent coverage on the top (and therefore skipped over the strapless number in the prettiest print EVER), as well as keeping the skirt length one of office respectability.

And I was quite smitten by my final choice, despite it being a very bright dress. It also came in a darker print and navy options, but I'm pretty sure I go for the pink every time (because I'm possibly related to hummingbirds and/or My Little Ponies).

Then this morning rolled around.

I still thought I looked quite adorable in it when I got dressed in it and left the house, but started to have that teeny tiny moment of doubt when I stepped into the meeting room to see half a dozen other candidates already there and every single one of them was in those stupid black yoga pant/actual slacks hybrids that seem to be the default go to for casual professional these days.

(Note to self: buy a pair of stupid black yoga pant/actual slacks hybrids. Even if you don't like them.)

But it's ok, I was still pretty early, 2/3rds of the people weren't even there yet! Surely some of them would have also embraced the forecasted high of nearly 90 today.

And all but 2 of them (who were in jeans) were also wearing those exact same stupid black pants when they came in.


So, perhaps the very brightly colored short skirted sun dress WASN'T the most professional option out there.

I should remember that, if I ever make it to the interviewing rounds.

You know, in case I want to make sure my plausibly inappropriate (and always adorable) clothing choices are at least conscience ones and not done out of simple stupidity.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kristina's Hooker

Kristina went to a friend's birthday party this past weekend, and the favor bag included a little Spiderman clip key chain.

And Kristina thinks it's just the coolest thing ever.

Except that she doesn't call it a key chain.

She calls it a hooker.

And I keep bursting out laughing when she talks about it (see also: Why I'm probably going to hell. Still.)

Look Mommy, I put my hooker on my dress!

Can I bring my hooker to church?

Adrianna doesn't have a cool hooker like mine. 

Where did my hooker go Mommy? I can't find it! Oh, here it is under my pillow.

Ayep. Hookers. Every child should have one.

.....or something like that.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Party at Trevor's

I had big plans for the Friday night Peter had the girls.

BIG plans.

Big plans that would involve lots of drinking and debauchery and being as anti-mommy as I could get. 

However, when I hit up my coworkers about making such happen, they were all for drinking but didn't really feel like going out to the bars.

So Steven suggested we just have a small party at Trevor's apartment. Everyone thought this was a great idea (well, I thought it passable), and Trevor was even on board with it when I told him about it the next day.

(You know, vs. Steven's plan of us just showing up with a few cases of beer and a smile.) 

And somewhere along the way it was decided that playing Edward Fortyhands would be an excellent plan for the party.

It is a game that requires taping a 40 ounce bottle of beer to each hand. If you actually follow the "rules" to the letter (for the very stupid and very mean whom you shouldn't be drinking with in the first place because they're assholes who are likely to give you alcohol poisoning), you can't take them off until after you have drunk them, thus making the real push to finish one before you need to pee to then have a hand for taking care of that. And as a drinking game, the purpose is to get fairly trashed fairly quickly.

However, the group of people that ended up there are a delightful combination of decent human beings and laid back personalities, and therefore the drinking focus of the evening was just people doing whatever they wanted.

Also, most were more the mid-20s crowd and less of the "I JUST TURNED LEGAL" rowdies, which I suspect helped the atmosphere greatly.

(Like I know what I'm talking about from all the parties I've been to in the last five years.....)

I took a slightly different approach to the evening, and showed up with a little beer, stack of frozen pizzas, and a tub of cookie dough.

(Hell, had I had the confidence in Trevor's kitchen, I probably would have been back there making brownies from scratch.)

Because see, the little bit I DO know about these parties is that no-one ever thinks to bring food. And people get hungry after a few hours. And at least I need to eat food along with beer if I want to make past 2 drinks. Plus, like, cookies.... do I really need any reason beyond the fact "fresh cookies right from the oven are delicious" as to why making some is just the greatest activity?

Ok, and because being busy making awesomeness happen in the kitchen is a great way to hide from slightly out of your comfort zone situations.

And then you can eat comfortfood chocolate chip cookies.... total win.

Now the interesting thing about the group of people I work with and the ones I'm friends is that a very high proportion of them are guys.

In fact, when it was being discussed at Target (in the break room while off shift, of course, as we Target employees are never less than professional at all times on the sales floor *ahem*) it was coming up as I was going to be the only girl there (which was a detail only important when determining whether or not I should be allowed a handicap on the 40s for being less of a drunkard by gender).

But a couple of them brought along female significant others, including the ever awesome Lacy who used to be a teacher at Kristina's preschool and still subs there sometimes but is also married to one of my Target coworkers, Ryan.

(Small world.)

Oh, and I almost forgot, I also took the opportunity to buy some of Target's totally rad pink duct tape.

Other activities of the night included card games, being classy,

watching youtube videos on a projector, arm wrestling for the champion of Target title,

and even making music. 

The one slight flaw to this night was that I was opening at work at 7am Saturday morning.

Trevor was totally down with my crashing out on his floor for the night, to both save me an hour of drive time and allow for greater alcohol consumption (and was even gracious enough to find me a pillow and blanket!), but I hadn't factored in the part where I couldn't just sneak off to sleep whenever I got tired because it was a little apartment with 20 drunk people in it and there just wasn't anywhere to go.

But it was ok, I just got reacquainted with my old friend, Energy Drinks.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Shot a Patch of Pickled Peppers

All the produce at Target that gets pulled from the shelves for being bad that can't be donated to the Boulder food bank, as things like bananas are huge for hitting the "not sellable mark" while still be perfectly edible, goes into a special holding bin in the ambient room in the back before making it's way to the trash compactor in the other stock room.

Perishables that get abandoned around the store also go in there, so (in a hypothetical ideal world) you'll never buy a yogurt or frozen dinner that somebody had been carrying around in their cart for an hour.

And one of the things my coworker Adam has done a few times is taken some of the defective produce out to a shooting range to use as targets.

I have to admit, it's a pretty good idea.

It's free, biodegradable, and scientifically enlightening (just how exploding are tomatoes? apples? watermelon?? when shot by different caliber ammunition) all at the same time.

And last week I got him to take me out to a range with a box of peppers!

I had used guns before (I married a Marine for crying out loud, I'm pretty sure "basic knowledge of how a rifle works" is in the prenups for all wearing dress blues on their wedding day), but not in a solid 5+ years (because once you become an officer's wife you don't get to go play with the boys anymore, but rather sit at home and host Tupperware parties with the other spouses and hordes of small children) and I never had developed much skill with them in the first place.

But it was still a lot of fun.

I think what I fine so incredibly appealing about using weaponry in general is the skill that develops. I SAW myself doing better at hitting the peppery targets over the course of 2 hours. And it only makes me want to keep doing it more, to get better accuracy and be able to hit harder shots.

Well, that and the parts where I got to imagine I was one of those badass FBI agents from Criminal Minds taking down the bad guy unsub. 

(Notice how proper gun safety rules, such as staying behind the front of the shooter and using appropriate eye and ear protection were followed despite the lost photo opportunity for the sultry gun face.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Post for Rob

Rob is a coworker of mine at Target.

He stands out for being ever so slightly weirdly interested in my well being.

It is both gratifying to have somebody ask "how's it going" and actually expect a genuine and fully explained answer, and just a little bit creepy. Over all though, he's a nice enough guy.

(Most of the time.) 

However, a few days ago he asked me how my spirit was doing.

(Why yes, those WERE his exact words, apparently my spiritual well being concerns him greatly, although I'm still unsure whether it's because he thinks I'm going to hell or because he kinda wants to sleep with me.)

((Actually, that question would apply to several coworkers of mine....))

And I told him I was feeling somewhat burned out because all this various stuff that's been going on.

So he asked me what I was doing to restore my spirit.

And I rather rolled my eyes and thought how he's just this dumb 19 year old kid who has no idea how much of my life revolves around day-to-day survival and that getting an uninterrupted shower is as restored as I get.

But he wouldn't drop it.

And he wouldn't let me laugh it off or just not answer.

He wanted to know.

And so eventually I actually thought about it, if for no other reason than to get him to shut up.

At first I had no idea what I would do to restore my spirit, or even what that truly meant beyond trying to go to sleep before midnight.

But then, it came to me as I was writing a blog post.

I write. I blog. This right here. This is how I restore my spirit.

And sure, part of why I was feeling so run down was lots of stressful things going on and very little sleep and no personal down time.

But I also hadn't been blogging like I normally do!

See, blogging (even the marginal quality and often rambly stuff I throw up here most of the time) takes time and energy and there are days where I just don't want to do it or opt for sleep over internet or simply can't think of anything right then.

But the process of writing down whatever is bouncing around my head is amazingly cathartic for me.

Writing itself helps me organize my thoughts, putting it down gets the ideas out of my head, sharing it with all of you gives a level of daily social interaction and support I desperately need, and seeing my life accumulate into this amazing online document that other people (albeit few) actually care about as well is surprisingly gratifying and almost makes my little life feel validated somehow.

So Rob, thank you for actually helping me. Despite being the damn punk kid that you are, you might even have had a tiny clue of what you were going on about that day.

AND I wrote you a poem! 

A dashing young fellow named Robby
Once asked what I do for a hobby
I told him I blog
He was rather a hog
And asked why I don't write in more poetry

Stuff you should Read about Gender

Although I really do try to keep this blog full of all the exciting stuff I think, sometimes I just like to share other stuff I see.

A couple really interesting reads that have passed my way thanks to the birth advocate and rockin' mama (who just might spend more time on facebook than anyone else I know) I went to college with, Leslie Kung that I thought some of you all might get a kick out of. 

This first one here is about a newer birth control for men which is cheap, quick, long term, and easily reversible that somehow still isn't approved to used in the states yet. Although really, I just want to know whether politicians going to use it as a campaign pitch and if the government panels on the subject can suddenly be run by large numbers of highly fertile women who want nothing more than to get knocked up so the appropriate levels of irony and sexism can be inflicted.

The second is about the crappiest places in the US to have a uterus. I was kinda surprised by Oklahoma City being on there, but then once I thought about it I realized that I never tried to get the morning after pill in that state so how on earth would I have any clue. Other places, like super southern Texas and Mississippi, weren't all that surprising to me, however it's still a nice basic guide to keep in mind while playing darts with a map to determine where to move.

Also, I would love (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) for some of the international readers *cough NAN cough* to chime in with whatever they know about this stuff in places outside the US. I kinda feel as though we Americans are seriously lagging the other first world countries in the whole social welfare/women equality area these days, so please feel free to confirm (or deny?) that idea to the fullest.

And just because I felt incredibly clever with posting this on facebook.....

My body to grow them, my life to raise them, my choice to have them.

(Please, dear powers that be, if there is ever a quote attributed to me, please let it be something all inspirational and awesome like that and not one involving taking out a classifieds ad to sell breastmilk.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Four Days of Shared Parenting

Last week Peter came out to see the girls.

When he initially proposed doing so, I was apprehensive. After all, he hadn't seen them in a year and I'm not exactly particularly easy going when it comes to other people taking care of my children in general.

However, as we discussed plans and he made it clear that he really wanted to KEEP them for all three nights, I began to get just a little bit excited.

I don't have many opportunities to go out in the evening, and the ones I do have are because my parents are watching the girls... which means they come sprinkled with guilt and the constant overhanging feeling of needing to be home early.

The idea of having multiple evenings to do with as I pleased was a bit exhilarating, even if I didn't have much for concrete plans of stuff to actually do.

But then the day before Peter's arrival came around, and I bounced back into stress over it.

Other slightly stressful events conspired to keep my mind otherwise occupied in the week preceding, which is why it all got concentrated into just the day before.

But never fear, I handled it like I handle all stress-that-involves-travel by over packing.

It was pretty epic.

I started by getting the girls each their own little adorable suitcase (but don't worry, they were super cheap Target variety ones) and then followed it by precisely going through their entire wardrobes to select perfectly matching sister outfits (half of which ended up being unworn since the weather changed at the last minute to be much colder than I had anticipated it being) to last at least a week.

I also scrubbed their car seats, washed the covers, and neatly packed up a laundry basket full of toys (which, if the quantity of new toys they came home with is any indication at all, they never touched) just to make sure everything was as ready as it possibly could be.

And then I kissed them goodbye as I left for work at 6am, said a silent prayer that Peter's picking them up in a few hours would go smoothly, and spent the next 3.5 days staying as busy and immersed with humanity as possible so I wouldn't miss them too much.

In retrospect, I'm not convinced that the night I got an hour and a half of sleep before going back to work (and may or may not have still been slightly under the effect of the events from the night before when I got there) was an exceptionally good choice for things like my general sleep quota and dealing with life capacity.

But it sure was a lot of fun at the time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cost of Living

Work has been hard the past few weeks.

I'm not entirely sure why, last month I won the great team card contest by having the most written about me and was recognized by my boss on the awesome board of awesomeness.

And it's not like anything terrible horrible bad has happened.

But there have been these little things... lots and lots of little thing.......

And I'm starting to feel like perhaps Colorado is not the place to be.

See, Target says they adjust your pay based on where you live and the relative cost of living, which I'm sure is true to some extent and that the Boulder Target really might be one the highest paying ones in the country.


I know what minimal wage is.

So, extrapolating that employees in say, the midwest, HAVE to be making at least that and probably a little bit more, it would stand to reason that one could compare hourly rates and housing costs to see if they're equivalent.

A standard sales floor team member is hired at $8.75 an hour at the Boulder Target.

(For the record, I do make more than that being on in-stocks.)

(But don't get too excited, it's not THAT much more.)

I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that an equivalent position in, say, Cedar Rapids IA would pay $8.00 an hour. Sure it could be the $7.63 of minimal wage itself, but I like to have a little faith in the Target corporation.

Now my math skills are not stellar, but I can still manage to come up with the pretax income of a full time employee in Boulder as $1400 a month while the Iowa one would be $1280.

$120 a month difference between the two states doesn't actually sound like all that much, now does it?

Well, lets check out housing costs...

I couldn't find a 2 bedroom apartment for less than $1000 a month in Boulder itself on Craigslist.

The cheapest ones listed in the city of Cedar Rapids? Just under $500 a month.

(For the record, I owned a two bedroom condo in a nearby area and payed $425 a month for mortgage 6 years back, so this really is a plausible number.) 

It would still be a tight budget to be sure, but the idea of working and living in Cedar Rapids gets someone MUCH closer to having rent be a third of their income than would happen in Boulder.

Now in all fairness, rent prices do go down once you get outside of the city limits of Boulder and many people (including reasonably salaried professionals) commute for that precise reason. But see, housing costs ALSO drop waaaaay down in Iowa if you're willing to live a little more out in the middle of nowhere, and then you start talking about houses only costing $200,000 in Colorado vs. $40,000 in Iowa and this gets real depressing real fast. 

But getting back to the numbers, my main point was how there is a 9% increase in monthly wages while a 50% increase in monthly housing costs.

And that just doesn't work.

And we haven't even begun to look at things like how much a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas costs in these two cities!

So I keep coming back this conclusion where having a crappy job HERE sucks way more than having a crappy job somewhere else probably would.

And then I have to wonder, is Colorado worth it??

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Wish

Sometimes I wish everything was different.

That everything wasn't so hard all the time.

That more days numbered "good" instead of "crummy".

That I had the power to change things.

That I had the wisdom to know what to change and how.

That I had the faith to believe in something and the courage to follow it.

Anything, really.

For some days, I don't even believe in myself anymore.

I wish I was stronger.

I wish I was kinder.

I wish I was smarter.

I wish I was more patient and loving and understanding of others.

I wish I forgave easily. 

I wish I didn't weigh the bad so heavily and the good so lightly. 

But most of all, I wish I didn't spend so much time wishing these things.

For all the sincerest wishes in the world still don't amount to anything more than wishful thinking.

A Brief Respite from my Blogging Negligence

So did you know I keep a blog?

Why, this blog in fact.

But see, I haven't been doing a very good job of being a blogger lately.

And I feel HORRIBLY GUILTY about that!

However, I also feel very tired right now, and the need for sleep is winning out yet again over the want for blogging.

But do not despair loyal readers, for I have lots of exciting stories to share (and even some pretty damn awesome pictures for a few of them) with you over the next few weeks about all the fun (and a little not so fun) off-of-the-internet stuff I've been otherwise occupied with this month.

Well, at least I will once I get around to having time to write up blog posts again....

Until next time *MWA*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Artist in the Making: Police Sketcher

Kristina explains her artistic rendition of my car crash (in watercolor).


She even included Target on her interpretive map!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Assumptions really will Destroy the World

You would think I would have learned not to assume things about the world already.

Even simple things.

Like the idea that Adrianna would be just fine sitting at the table eating a bowel of peanut butter with my father sitting two feet away from her.

Although I suppose, she WAS just fine... it was my personal annoyance at needing to clean peanut butter out from between her toes (and like, every other surface of her body, booster seat, and table) that made me regret that assumption.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Extravagance

The Easter Bunny may have gone a little overboard this year.

You see, initially the Bunny kept things quite modest, with a little pink watering can apiece with a chocolate bunny, handful of jellybeans, and few other very small little toys tucked into it.

And then, there was this day at work....

One of the stockrooms in Target has a bike rack running across the top of it where all the bikes hang that are assembled but not needed out on the floor yet.

Ideally the rack is kept fairly full, so for every bike that is bought another one can be immediately placed out on the floor.

However, there are also things like bikes that broken that end up on there as well if the always awesome bike guy Jeff hasn't had the chance to put them together yet.

And one day last week I happened to notice a particularly nice looking little pink bike hanging out up there that wasn't one of the ones we had as part of the regular stock on the sales floor.

(I may have been spending lots of time examining the bikes Target sells with the knowledge that the hand-me-down one we received for Kristina was comically too small for her.)

So I asked him about it.

And he said it was one that had been returned as defective but he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Oh really?? Defective, you say? Why, it just so happens that things labeled "defective" at the grand Target store often go straight into the trash.

And occasionally, go home with team members for negligible prices.

So I asked him if I could have it.

He said he needed to talk to the boss of the Price Change Team to determine just what sort of markdown would be placed on it, but that he could hook me up with it.

And then yesterday he totally delivered, because he's super awesome like that.

He got it marked down 60% for me (and that's before employee discount and extra redcard savings), and spent a solid 45 minutes working on it that afternoon to make sure it was as good as he could get it.

And seeing a tattooed and well muscled guy ride around a stockroom on a bike for a 6 year old girl is kinda funny.

But the best part is he said he'd totally fix anything that happened to the bike!

So suddenly Kristina was getting a new pink bicycle for Easter. 

Which meant Adrianna now needed something special too, and it just so happens I had a doll stashed away for her.

And Easter suddenly became a little bit bigger of an event than I the Easter Bunny had intended.

A Lucky Crash

Tuesday morning arrived with cold slushy snow after over a month of beautiful warm days.

It was one of those mornings that was already filled with a tight schedule and lots of mountain driving, and slick roads were NOT helping the needed time schedule.

And after racking up several hours of driving in those slick conditions and finally getting to the slightly less bad driving conditions in Boulder Canyon, I took a curve a little too fast, and slide sideways across the road, across the shoulder pull out, and into some rocks.

And it was a lucky crash.

There wasn't any oncoming traffic, there weren't any cars behind me, and I went off to the left where the dirt shoulder and pull off area (and rocks) were.

Had I gone off to the right, I would have ended up in Boulder Creek.

Depending on just where in Boulder Canyon I might have slide off, there also could have been a significant drop going down into the creek, which would have almost certainly caused some serious car rolling.

The rocks didn't even cause the airbags to go off.

I was completely unhurt. 

The girls weren't in the car with me.

Somebody stopped just a few minutes after I had gotten out of the car to see if I was alright and offered a ride back up to Nederland. 

The ultimate damage to my car was isolated entirely to the bumper, and is covered by insurance (minus the deductible).

It was a lucky crash.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snowy Rocks

Colorado weather is a fickle thing.

The month of March was both completely without snow and downright hot several days.

And then the 2nd and 3rd of April were filled with snow.

And icy roads. 

And, sadly, rocks. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Epic Story, Pony Style

What could be better than My Little Pony combined with Game of Thrones in comic strip form?

Absolutely nothing.

Don't forget, it gets bigger if you click it!

(You know, assuming you actually want to, like, read the text and all....)