Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Extravagance

The Easter Bunny may have gone a little overboard this year.

You see, initially the Bunny kept things quite modest, with a little pink watering can apiece with a chocolate bunny, handful of jellybeans, and few other very small little toys tucked into it.

And then, there was this day at work....

One of the stockrooms in Target has a bike rack running across the top of it where all the bikes hang that are assembled but not needed out on the floor yet.

Ideally the rack is kept fairly full, so for every bike that is bought another one can be immediately placed out on the floor.

However, there are also things like bikes that broken that end up on there as well if the always awesome bike guy Jeff hasn't had the chance to put them together yet.

And one day last week I happened to notice a particularly nice looking little pink bike hanging out up there that wasn't one of the ones we had as part of the regular stock on the sales floor.

(I may have been spending lots of time examining the bikes Target sells with the knowledge that the hand-me-down one we received for Kristina was comically too small for her.)

So I asked him about it.

And he said it was one that had been returned as defective but he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Oh really?? Defective, you say? Why, it just so happens that things labeled "defective" at the grand Target store often go straight into the trash.

And occasionally, go home with team members for negligible prices.

So I asked him if I could have it.

He said he needed to talk to the boss of the Price Change Team to determine just what sort of markdown would be placed on it, but that he could hook me up with it.

And then yesterday he totally delivered, because he's super awesome like that.

He got it marked down 60% for me (and that's before employee discount and extra redcard savings), and spent a solid 45 minutes working on it that afternoon to make sure it was as good as he could get it.

And seeing a tattooed and well muscled guy ride around a stockroom on a bike for a 6 year old girl is kinda funny.

But the best part is he said he'd totally fix anything that happened to the bike!

So suddenly Kristina was getting a new pink bicycle for Easter. 

Which meant Adrianna now needed something special too, and it just so happens I had a doll stashed away for her.

And Easter suddenly became a little bit bigger of an event than I the Easter Bunny had intended.


  1. Awesome deal! It's nice when things work out like that!

  2. How awesome!! And I want to work at Target all of a sudden.