Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Four Days of Shared Parenting

Last week Peter came out to see the girls.

When he initially proposed doing so, I was apprehensive. After all, he hadn't seen them in a year and I'm not exactly particularly easy going when it comes to other people taking care of my children in general.

However, as we discussed plans and he made it clear that he really wanted to KEEP them for all three nights, I began to get just a little bit excited.

I don't have many opportunities to go out in the evening, and the ones I do have are because my parents are watching the girls... which means they come sprinkled with guilt and the constant overhanging feeling of needing to be home early.

The idea of having multiple evenings to do with as I pleased was a bit exhilarating, even if I didn't have much for concrete plans of stuff to actually do.

But then the day before Peter's arrival came around, and I bounced back into stress over it.

Other slightly stressful events conspired to keep my mind otherwise occupied in the week preceding, which is why it all got concentrated into just the day before.

But never fear, I handled it like I handle all stress-that-involves-travel by over packing.

It was pretty epic.

I started by getting the girls each their own little adorable suitcase (but don't worry, they were super cheap Target variety ones) and then followed it by precisely going through their entire wardrobes to select perfectly matching sister outfits (half of which ended up being unworn since the weather changed at the last minute to be much colder than I had anticipated it being) to last at least a week.

I also scrubbed their car seats, washed the covers, and neatly packed up a laundry basket full of toys (which, if the quantity of new toys they came home with is any indication at all, they never touched) just to make sure everything was as ready as it possibly could be.

And then I kissed them goodbye as I left for work at 6am, said a silent prayer that Peter's picking them up in a few hours would go smoothly, and spent the next 3.5 days staying as busy and immersed with humanity as possible so I wouldn't miss them too much.

In retrospect, I'm not convinced that the night I got an hour and a half of sleep before going back to work (and may or may not have still been slightly under the effect of the events from the night before when I got there) was an exceptionally good choice for things like my general sleep quota and dealing with life capacity.

But it sure was a lot of fun at the time.


  1. Awesome! Did the girls do well?

  2. You definitely earned a bit of respite. And it's no good being vague -- I DEMAND that you share all the details of everything you did in the name of fun.