Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Party at Trevor's

I had big plans for the Friday night Peter had the girls.

BIG plans.

Big plans that would involve lots of drinking and debauchery and being as anti-mommy as I could get. 

However, when I hit up my coworkers about making such happen, they were all for drinking but didn't really feel like going out to the bars.

So Steven suggested we just have a small party at Trevor's apartment. Everyone thought this was a great idea (well, I thought it passable), and Trevor was even on board with it when I told him about it the next day.

(You know, vs. Steven's plan of us just showing up with a few cases of beer and a smile.) 

And somewhere along the way it was decided that playing Edward Fortyhands would be an excellent plan for the party.

It is a game that requires taping a 40 ounce bottle of beer to each hand. If you actually follow the "rules" to the letter (for the very stupid and very mean whom you shouldn't be drinking with in the first place because they're assholes who are likely to give you alcohol poisoning), you can't take them off until after you have drunk them, thus making the real push to finish one before you need to pee to then have a hand for taking care of that. And as a drinking game, the purpose is to get fairly trashed fairly quickly.

However, the group of people that ended up there are a delightful combination of decent human beings and laid back personalities, and therefore the drinking focus of the evening was just people doing whatever they wanted.

Also, most were more the mid-20s crowd and less of the "I JUST TURNED LEGAL" rowdies, which I suspect helped the atmosphere greatly.

(Like I know what I'm talking about from all the parties I've been to in the last five years.....)

I took a slightly different approach to the evening, and showed up with a little beer, stack of frozen pizzas, and a tub of cookie dough.

(Hell, had I had the confidence in Trevor's kitchen, I probably would have been back there making brownies from scratch.)

Because see, the little bit I DO know about these parties is that no-one ever thinks to bring food. And people get hungry after a few hours. And at least I need to eat food along with beer if I want to make past 2 drinks. Plus, like, cookies.... do I really need any reason beyond the fact "fresh cookies right from the oven are delicious" as to why making some is just the greatest activity?

Ok, and because being busy making awesomeness happen in the kitchen is a great way to hide from slightly out of your comfort zone situations.

And then you can eat comfortfood chocolate chip cookies.... total win.

Now the interesting thing about the group of people I work with and the ones I'm friends is that a very high proportion of them are guys.

In fact, when it was being discussed at Target (in the break room while off shift, of course, as we Target employees are never less than professional at all times on the sales floor *ahem*) it was coming up as I was going to be the only girl there (which was a detail only important when determining whether or not I should be allowed a handicap on the 40s for being less of a drunkard by gender).

But a couple of them brought along female significant others, including the ever awesome Lacy who used to be a teacher at Kristina's preschool and still subs there sometimes but is also married to one of my Target coworkers, Ryan.

(Small world.)

Oh, and I almost forgot, I also took the opportunity to buy some of Target's totally rad pink duct tape.

Other activities of the night included card games, being classy,

watching youtube videos on a projector, arm wrestling for the champion of Target title,

and even making music. 

The one slight flaw to this night was that I was opening at work at 7am Saturday morning.

Trevor was totally down with my crashing out on his floor for the night, to both save me an hour of drive time and allow for greater alcohol consumption (and was even gracious enough to find me a pillow and blanket!), but I hadn't factored in the part where I couldn't just sneak off to sleep whenever I got tired because it was a little apartment with 20 drunk people in it and there just wasn't anywhere to go.

But it was ok, I just got reacquainted with my old friend, Energy Drinks.

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