Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Potty Training: Adrianna Edition Pt. 1

Adrianna is kinda sorta almost potty training.

You know, in that way that her Mama wants her out of diapers more than she wants a decent paying job.

However, Adrianna is two.

That means she's kinda sorta almost uncooperative about just about everything most of the time.

But never fear, for Mama has a loooong list of assorted training "methods" and will simply keep going through each and every one until the morning the little stinker sweetheart wakes up and decides she wants to do it after all.

Admittedly, I'm finding potty training the second time around a little harder, because I'm working full time instead of eating/sleeping/living babies and therefore don't have the days on end to spend doing absolutely nothing but trying to convince that child to piss in the damn toilet.

Also, I care a little more since my brain isn't being sucked out via the nipples by a new baby, so dealing with slow progress is more frustrating merely because I'm aware of it. 

And I may take vacation time some time soon with the sole intention of doing potty training bootcamp for three days.

(Doesn't that sound like a fun vacation? I'll get back to work and everyone will be like "How was your time off?" and I can be like "It was just swell! There's nothing more relaxing than spending hours sitting on the floor of a small cramped bathroom begging someone with the communication skills of an affectionate hamster to pleeeeaase go peepees and doing 12 loads of urine covered laundry a day. Would you like tickets for the next round?? I can totally get you a discount!")

However, despite her great strides forward being small and quickly regressed each day (and Mommy saying a prayer every night to pleeeeaaase let Adrianna move out of diapers soon), she has been exceptionally cute when she does stuff like move the toy potty into the bathroom next to hers (well, her sister's infamous little pink potty) and teach all of her dolls how to use it.


  1. Batman wasn't reliably potty trained until he was nearly 4, but I was so sleep deprived with a baby and covering a colleague's maternity leave while dealing with postpartum depression that I barely cared. Robin is pretty good, at 3.5 yrs old. I consider that a huge victory.

    Moms of girls have it so much easier.

    1. At least until those bitches turn into tweens. Payback is a bitch.