Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Questionable Dress

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes of my day at Target working out softlines abandoned (that would be the pile of clothes left at the fitting room for those of you not caught up on Teamspeak vocabulary yet), which always involves lots of aimless wandering through the racks of clothes until I manage to find the specific table or rack I'm looking for.

You see, over in hardlines (that would be everything that's not clothing, shoes, and baby stuff) everything has a location, where you can pull it up in the computer and the computer tells you EXACTLY where it goes in the store.

If you scan a bar code on a tshirt, it just says it has no sales floor locations and you're on your own to figure out where that rack might be.

So I'm not a huge fan of softlines in general, and may try to avoid it whenever possible.

But yesterday I was over in the women's clothing section (whether I wanted to be or not), and noticed that Target has a LOT of very cute little summer dresses out right now.

And then I remembered about this test I'm had scheduled for this morning for a job with the City Court of Westminster, and that I had been a bit disenchanted by my wardrobe when I was thinking about what I should wear to it the other day.

So I set right about getting myself a cute little Target summer dress as soon as I was off the clock!

I grabbed several black ones, as one can never go wrong wearing a little black dress (not that I'd know as I haven't owned one in 4 or 5 years, but I hear that said a lot so I'll just assume it's true), as well as some of the pretty summer prints that had just come out.

I was very conscience of wanting it to be decent coverage on the top (and therefore skipped over the strapless number in the prettiest print EVER), as well as keeping the skirt length one of office respectability.

And I was quite smitten by my final choice, despite it being a very bright dress. It also came in a darker print and navy options, but I'm pretty sure I go for the pink every time (because I'm possibly related to hummingbirds and/or My Little Ponies).

Then this morning rolled around.

I still thought I looked quite adorable in it when I got dressed in it and left the house, but started to have that teeny tiny moment of doubt when I stepped into the meeting room to see half a dozen other candidates already there and every single one of them was in those stupid black yoga pant/actual slacks hybrids that seem to be the default go to for casual professional these days.

(Note to self: buy a pair of stupid black yoga pant/actual slacks hybrids. Even if you don't like them.)

But it's ok, I was still pretty early, 2/3rds of the people weren't even there yet! Surely some of them would have also embraced the forecasted high of nearly 90 today.

And all but 2 of them (who were in jeans) were also wearing those exact same stupid black pants when they came in.


So, perhaps the very brightly colored short skirted sun dress WASN'T the most professional option out there.

I should remember that, if I ever make it to the interviewing rounds.

You know, in case I want to make sure my plausibly inappropriate (and always adorable) clothing choices are at least conscience ones and not done out of simple stupidity.


  1. I support your brightly coloured choice, as I am sure the dress is perfectly businesslike and appropriate, even if it is a bit brightly coloured.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Also I'd love to see the whole thing! Also, you could probably throw a blazer over it to make it even more businesslike.

    1. Also, if everyone else was wearing the same thing it means you'll be more memorable. Hopefully in a good way.

  3. third random stranger to agree... wear the dress, wear what you like (as long as it is appropriate). Stupid black yoga-like pants. Resist!

  4. hey, that dress is pretty, and professional, and who wants to look like a drone in an interview anyway? : )

  5. You made an effort and I think that will speak volumes about you. Hopefully good stuff, but still, volumes. I would never wear yoga pants to a job related test/interview/casting couch session.

    On a related note: I used to spend a fat ton of my money and time shopping at work when I was working retail.