Friday, April 27, 2012

Small Town Living

Last weekend was the infamous 4-20.

As I was scheduled to get off of work at 1:30 that afternoon, I was long gone from Boulder when the protest march against them shutting down CU's campus for the annual 10,000 strong smoke out began.

Incidentally, I was also long gone from Target before all the munchies started to hit and all the high people flooded in to buy potatoes chisp and Twizzlers, so my day really had been pretty normal.

However, one of the guys on Instocks had mentioned possibly going up to Nederland that evening.

I was mildly intrigued, but didn't give it a whole lot of thought right then. But evening rolled around, and the girls were actually going to bed (this really is a remark worthy statement still justsoyaknow), and I saw a couple other things popping up from other coworkers on facebook about, yes indeed, hitting up the bars in Ned that evening.

And I thought it sounded really awesome compared to how hanging out with them usually involves lots of me driving up and down mountains. Plus I'd get to show off my town that little tiny bit.

So I managed to get my extremely awesome and gracious mother to agree to be "on duty" with the sleeping children for all lost pacifier and other emergencies that the night might bring, and met up with what has almost become my group at Whistlers.

(Oh my god I'm so cool I have a group! Of friends!! EEEeee!!!)

Somehow though, in those hours I had spent at home, I had forgotten that it was the infamous 4-20 and therefore was a little surprised by EVERYONE in the town being incredibly baked (and many were fairly drunk as well).

(Not these are necessarily unusual states to find Nederland people in, just unusual for it to be that en mass.) 

And that was when the small town living really started to catch up with me.

Admittedly, part of how I ended up with my group in the first place was the result of one of the guys I work with being the husband of a former teacher at Kristina's preschool, and her and I are good pals in all of this.

But then it gets just a little bit strange to see other teachers and parents also out partying it up (says the person totally ditching her children to go drink beer and listen to a couple of awesome smalltown bands).

However, if there is one crazy hippie philosophy I actually believe in, it's the live and let live one, and therefore what people do on Friday nights is their business.

(So long as kids aren't being left alone or brought along to the bar, of course.)

Plus I felt *really* cool knowing people to say hi to cause I was a badass local and shit, while completely ignoring the fact that the only reason I know these people at all is because of the whole "Mommy" thing.

(My internal perception of myself gets waaaaay cooler in these environments.)

But hey, at least I didn't run into anyone from church....

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