Friday, April 20, 2012

Stuff you should Read about Gender

Although I really do try to keep this blog full of all the exciting stuff I think, sometimes I just like to share other stuff I see.

A couple really interesting reads that have passed my way thanks to the birth advocate and rockin' mama (who just might spend more time on facebook than anyone else I know) I went to college with, Leslie Kung that I thought some of you all might get a kick out of. 

This first one here is about a newer birth control for men which is cheap, quick, long term, and easily reversible that somehow still isn't approved to used in the states yet. Although really, I just want to know whether politicians going to use it as a campaign pitch and if the government panels on the subject can suddenly be run by large numbers of highly fertile women who want nothing more than to get knocked up so the appropriate levels of irony and sexism can be inflicted.

The second is about the crappiest places in the US to have a uterus. I was kinda surprised by Oklahoma City being on there, but then once I thought about it I realized that I never tried to get the morning after pill in that state so how on earth would I have any clue. Other places, like super southern Texas and Mississippi, weren't all that surprising to me, however it's still a nice basic guide to keep in mind while playing darts with a map to determine where to move.

Also, I would love (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) for some of the international readers *cough NAN cough* to chime in with whatever they know about this stuff in places outside the US. I kinda feel as though we Americans are seriously lagging the other first world countries in the whole social welfare/women equality area these days, so please feel free to confirm (or deny?) that idea to the fullest.

And just because I felt incredibly clever with posting this on facebook.....

My body to grow them, my life to raise them, my choice to have them.

(Please, dear powers that be, if there is ever a quote attributed to me, please let it be something all inspirational and awesome like that and not one involving taking out a classifieds ad to sell breastmilk.)


  1. I love that you lumped me in with "international readers." I'm feeling quite sophisticated now and have the overwhelming urge to greet people by kissing them on the cheeks. Damn, Europeans are classy.

    Anyway, reproductive rights are not nearly as contentious an issue in Canada as they are in the US. In fact most Canadians find the American rhetoric about abortions and birth control staggering. Since 2008 the Morning After Pill has been available without a prescription in all pharmacies. Since 1969 abortions are funded through our universal health coverage and performed at hospitals. Currently, there is an ongoing election issue about who would fund abortions in Little Texas, aka Alberta. But even that seems tame by American standards. Nonetheless I take it as a black mark against Alberta, and am happy we no longer live in that province.

    Love that quote. I'm trying very hard not to think about the type of person who buys breastmilk through classified ads. *shudders*

  2. Same with Australia - I don't ever remember birth control or abortion being a contentious issue down there. Plus with universal healthcare they have access to everything they need.

    However, if you are willing to do a little more digging (for me it depends on how lazy I'm feeling that day), check out Basically it's a free online database including every imaginable statistic (both quantitative and qualitative) on the status of women in nearly every country of the world. They'll definitely have stuff like access to contraception in there. I'm actually reading the first book associated with it (Sex and World Peace - the title alone makes it a worthwhile read). Disclosure: I know about this because I was a researcher for the project for a short time as an undergrad.