Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Shot a Patch of Pickled Peppers

All the produce at Target that gets pulled from the shelves for being bad that can't be donated to the Boulder food bank, as things like bananas are huge for hitting the "not sellable mark" while still be perfectly edible, goes into a special holding bin in the ambient room in the back before making it's way to the trash compactor in the other stock room.

Perishables that get abandoned around the store also go in there, so (in a hypothetical ideal world) you'll never buy a yogurt or frozen dinner that somebody had been carrying around in their cart for an hour.

And one of the things my coworker Adam has done a few times is taken some of the defective produce out to a shooting range to use as targets.

I have to admit, it's a pretty good idea.

It's free, biodegradable, and scientifically enlightening (just how exploding are tomatoes? apples? watermelon?? when shot by different caliber ammunition) all at the same time.

And last week I got him to take me out to a range with a box of peppers!

I had used guns before (I married a Marine for crying out loud, I'm pretty sure "basic knowledge of how a rifle works" is in the prenups for all wearing dress blues on their wedding day), but not in a solid 5+ years (because once you become an officer's wife you don't get to go play with the boys anymore, but rather sit at home and host Tupperware parties with the other spouses and hordes of small children) and I never had developed much skill with them in the first place.

But it was still a lot of fun.

I think what I fine so incredibly appealing about using weaponry in general is the skill that develops. I SAW myself doing better at hitting the peppery targets over the course of 2 hours. And it only makes me want to keep doing it more, to get better accuracy and be able to hit harder shots.

Well, that and the parts where I got to imagine I was one of those badass FBI agents from Criminal Minds taking down the bad guy unsub. 

(Notice how proper gun safety rules, such as staying behind the front of the shooter and using appropriate eye and ear protection were followed despite the lost photo opportunity for the sultry gun face.)

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