Saturday, May 19, 2012

Challange Excepted: Bookly Drinking

Some like to say that you can't make a drinking game with books.

(I suspect those individuals haven't done enough reading.)

But I am up for the challenge!

Most drinking games are fairly simple (which is because intoxicated people suck at complex strategy and remembering basic rules), and focus on increasing alcohol consumption in an amusing and group-including way.

Which is where getting the books involved gets a little tricky.

Sure, you could just make it a read-aloud deal, and then apply the same "every time Emily Dickinson is depressing take a sip" or "every time someone unexpectedly dies in Game of Thrones take a shot" or "every time Jean M. Auel spends more than a paragraph describing a single plant chug until the plant description is done" as are seen with movies and songs.

But that's not how most people do books.

(Although admittedly, Wuthering Heights would have been MUCH better in my high school English class had we associated drinking with it.)

And although doing the book club drinking buddies thing would actually probably be a lot of fun for me, it's still not quite the same as what I'm trying to prove here.

So, how DO you do a drinking game with books?

I propose this:

You begin by all bringing a favorite book (or like, a piece of literature which you have previously read) to the party, and write down 5 common themes to merit drinking (ie: every time Hamlet is fucked up simultaneously confusing/tragic/self-reflective, take a drink) to go with that specific book. Then you distribute them at random, sit in a circle, and start to read/drink. The first person to finish their allotted alcohol wins.  The person who keeps reading after the game is done is probably me gets double prizes.

Any takers? Anyone at all??

Ok fine, I'll just go find a book club with a generous wine policy to join like a normal person.


  1. I think you would probably be dead or at least unconscious by they time you finished any of the Jean M. Auel books, especially the Plains of Passage!