Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dealing With Turnover

Target has a pretty high turn over rate of employees, and that has been hard for me at times.

(Because I'm freaked out by stuff outside of my control I adapt slowly to unexpected change and find unstable environments stressful.)

I had been there for less than a month when two of the core In-Stocks people (and incidentally, also the people who had been training me) quit.

The first person I felt like I had actually befriended, the ever awesome bike guy Jeff, also left shortly thereafter (but then came back a few months later), only adding to that personal feeling that everyone just leaves.

(Although they also, sometimes, come back.) 

Countless others have gone or are going in the last 10+ months that I've worked there, friends and acquaintances, people I was sad to see leave and those whom I was secretly glad about, some I felt the absence of immediately while others I didn't notice for weeks (or possibly even at all). 

Last week I found out my boss's boss had simply quit the day prior. Like, to the degree that I wasn't ever going to see him again. The only thing that made it slightly better was that my boss was as surprised about all of it as I was (and totally found out about it from me texting him about it, as apparently there is NO communication between people at that store).

And then yesterday I learned that my buddy Adam (you know, the fire fighter one who also has astutely grasped Marty's chocolate eating habits) had quit.

This one has been the hardest for me on a personal level.

First there's the part where he just didn't show up to work at all on Sunday much less bother to acknowledge my concerned inquiries about his absence (a "hey fucker, why the hell aren't you at work?" voicemail totally counts as a concerned inquiry, right?), and then I still only found out he had quit from a generic facebook post he made saying "good bye Target!!" and all additional details I knew were merely gleaned from facebook stalking conversations going on between him and other former coworkers.

Because he still hadn't bother to directly tell me what was going on.

And this is where it gets really hard, because it become me thinking "but... I thought we were like, buds......" and being very confused by all of it, where not only has he totally dumped 3 opening shifts on me this week that are going to suck due to his sudden absence, but that he also blew me off entirely as a friend by not telling me any of it.

Going forwards continues to have that exact same double whammy in it, where my team is right back to being way understaffed which often corresponds to me having crappy days (geez Marty, why can't you just do the work of three people already??), on top of the part where he was one of my favorite people to hang out with during my lunch break with who just won't be there any more. 

But there's also the part about what do I say to him when he posts a comment on my facebook page about pitying a coworker on her way to Target. Do I point out how that's also somewhat of a jab at me since I'm still working there? Do I mention how he actually hurt my feelings by saying it was a completely worthless 9 months he spent there? Or the part where he was an ass by not telling me directly that he had quit?

No, I don't.

I make a joke about something none-personal, and just let the rest of it go. He's my friend, who I want to see succeeding at life. And for him that means leaving Target behind right now.

Good luck Adam, I'll miss working with you.


  1. I understand that feeling because my town's population is pretty transitory. The worst feeling -- at least for me -- is a form of subtle jealousy. It's not that I'm unhappy living here or that I envy their new living situation (quite the opposite since I often shake my head at the compromises they make in terms of quality of life) but there's this elusive feeling of "well, why am I still here? Is there something wrong with me?"

    And look at that. I made YOUR blog post ALL about ME! I'm an ass -- no wonder everyone keeps leaving me behind.

  2. In my humble opinion, it's pretty unprofessional - even if it is just a transitory job at Target.