Monday, May 7, 2012

A Few Moments of Robot Chicken

So, you may have noticed another slight lapse in blogging over here.

You see, the first couple days were just the creative low time of the month (I totally have a half finished post all about that, which I'll finish, you know, once I get back into the creative high), and then I had lots of days of work and I took the girls to the zoo and I hung out with friends and just haven't been on the computer much at all.

Crazy, right? It's like, I'm so busy going out and living life that I don't have time to blog about all the amazing (ok, or even like, not amazing but still happening) life I'm doing.

BUT even though I have exactly 6 minutes until I MUST go shower and go to bed (so I can get back up and go back to work bright and early Monday morning after doing a closing shift this evening), I feel quite bad for neglecting my wonderful little baby of a blog and all the readers whom I love and adore.

So I thought I'd throw up my two favorite Robot Chicken clips of all time for your personal entertainment.

(Admittedly, I haven't exactly watched much Robot Chicken in the last, say, five years, so by all time favorites I pretty much just mean, ones I liked well enough to distinctly remember from that long ago.)

First up is Lil' Hitler, which is slightly off color, but I found it REALLY funny back in my History of WWII class in college.

And this one is Apocalypse Pony... and well, lets just say I managed to get myself the nickname Warpony from some of the dojo peeps back in the day (and totally loved it).

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