Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Incomplete Blogger

I have been having a ridiculous amount of trouble finishing up blog posts lately.

And I have no idea why.

I have over a dozen that I've started in the last week, that are just sitting there.... ideas unfinished, thoughts undone, writing unedited.


(Pssst! Feel free to jump in at any time with the rest of this blog post.)

(No really, just go for it.)

(But make sure it's pretty awesome and/or epic. I have standards, you know.)

(Well, you might not know if you've only stared reading recently, as this isn't much of a standard to beat.)

(But still do try to make it awesome. I'm a big fan of awesomeness.)

(You know what else is awesome? Pancakes. I love me some pancakes.)

(Also, chocolate.)

(And ponies, don't forget ponies!)

(Where was I again?)

(Oh right, you were being all awesome and finishing my unfinished blog post because I have no idea what I'm doing these days.)

(Also, could you bring me some socks? My feet are cold.)

(And blistered.)

(It's kinda sad, I've started alternating which shoes I wear to work to get blisters in different places.)

(Oh right, I was going to write a blog post about that.)

(And how my weird desire to only wear size 9.5 shoes instead of 10 just might not be worth it.)

(But see, I probably wouldn't finish it anyways....)

(So, could you just go ahead and write that one?)

(And the one about drunken photographers? And maybe even that little anti-suburbia rant I almost managed to do yesterday?)


(You're awesome.)

(You know, assuming the post you write for me is actually awesome and all....) 


  1. Even your incomplete posts are brilliant!

    1. Why thank you, that's kind of you to say! Did you know that I imagine everything you say being done in a Canadian accent? Except that I'm not really familiar with Canadian accents, so it's more of like, the cross breeding between British and Minnesotan, with "eh" put on the end of every sentence for good measure. Just thought you should know, as you saying "brilliant" comes out like Sherlock Holmes gone Fargo....

    2. Well, I'm going to make a confession: I have worked really, really hard to acquire a typical Canadian accent. I was born in Newfoundland and my 'native' accent is closer to Irish than it is to American. If you've got 3 minutes and 21 seconds check out this clip where a Newfoundland actor gives a CFA (a comes from away) a basic lesson in how to speak properly:

    3. That video was very entertaining! Do your kids end up saying those random phrases (or the like) as well? Kristina goes to preschool with a set of twins who have a UK mom who still very much has her British accent/way of speaking, and every so often something comes out of their mouths that is so incredibly not American.