Monday, May 7, 2012

The Non-Baby Stage

Back in the day (by which I mean in that life before last when I didn't have children) I used to think I really liked babies.

Then I HAD babies. 

And realized maybe not so much.

See, I'm really liking the stage we're to now where every meal doesn't end looking like this, even when I let them feed themselves with minimal supervision.

Kristina and mashed potatoes, 14 months

I'm liking the stage where I'm not ALWAYS carrying around and/or otherwise holding a small creature.

Adrianna sleeping in the moby wrap at the park, 15 weeks
I'm liking the stage of substantially less poo-spolsions, and the subsequent cleaning up I would have to do.

Kristina jumped a poopy mess, 4 months
I'm liking the stage that doesn't involve lugging large cumbersome baby car seats around.

Adrianna in her carseat, 3 months, with big sister Kristina, 2 1/2 years
I'm liking the stage where I don't have to worry about having a special seat just to give my child a bath.
Kristina in the tub, 6 months

I'm liking the stage where the house isn't covered by large hard to move baby toys that take up three times as much space as the actual baby does.

(Although in full disclaimer, now the house is just covered by tricycles, toy kitchens, and trampolines.)

Adrianna in her exersaucer, 5 months
I'm really liking the stage where I get fairly reasonable amounts of fairly reliable sleep without needing to bring small children into bed with me.

Kristina napping with Mommy, 8 months

And I'm really really liking the stage where giving them delicious chocolate is a totally reasonable (and on some occasions, almost expected!) thing to do.

Adrianna eating Ghirardelli chocolate, 7 months

[AND on a completely unrelated side note, I also fixed the video imbedding from yesterdays post so now it should even, like, work.... crazy stuff, I know, but if you didn't watch the slightly off color awesomeness of Robot Chicken before you totally should.]


  1. I think I like the sleeping part the if I could just get past the potty training part I'd be a happy Momma!

    1. notice how "being past diapers" isn't on there yet? it would SO be at the top of the list!

  2. I miss cuddling with my kids in bed. And I will mourn the loss of diapers because we are so close (but I love not having to change them every 20 minutes.)

    I'm sad my babies are little boys now. :(

  3. Every stage of development has it's merits and limitations. Now that my boys have gone through many, many of those stages I can look back and confess: crap, that sucked. Currently I'm focusing on all the good things that come w/ raising an 8 and 10 year old boy. Namely: they've not yet developed body odour. Thanks be to god.

  4. I love seeing these pics! So cute! And also not so cute. :)