Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinked Hair

My roommate from college, Cassi, came out for a quick (and looooong overdue) visit over the Memorial Day weekend.

We had lots of fun just hanging out together, but the part of the visit we were both looking forward to the most was my BRILLIANT idea of putting pink streaks in our hair.

Neither one of us had ever gone about that sort of hair coloring before, so I had made a quick pre-visit consultation with a girl I worked with at Target who has had various colorings of incredibly awesome My Little Pony hair the entire time I've known her.

Her directions were detailed and incredibly helpful, as she covered everything from the bleaching process to what brand/color to get, and we were VERY happy with the results all things considered.

(By which I really mean we had already been enjoying adult beverages and were really just proud that we didn't screw anything horribly up during the process.) 

I was a little concerned going into it about just how it would turn out and how much I would like my hair colored like that (I really am a total wimp about doing stuff to my beloved locks), and I also wanted to keep it relatively hide-able on that very slight chance that I should actually manage to get an interview for a professional position that might think slightly less of my professional qualifications with pinked hair.

(Although for the record, I probably wouldn't enjoy working in an environment that was ridiculously anti-pink hair. And it's not like I have much for professional qualifications anyways. But hey, I'm still pretending it's a possibility that I might care about such things one of these days.)

And I succeeded almost a little too well, as it really does hide away in amongst the rest of my hair, and so I've ended up spending a LOT of time looking at my head in the mirror trying to figure out how to wear it to best show off the pink at work this coming week. 

So here you have it, the successfully tested expert advice about how to dye dark hair bright pink, according to Dana:

You need to get a bleaching kit, and apply it to the hair you want to be pink. Make sure not to rub it in to your scalp, or else it will burn. Leave it in for about 20 minutes, and see how light your hair has gotten. You want your hair to be a yellow color, not orange. Don't leave it in for over 35 minutes. Then, wash it out, apply shampoo, towel dry, and add your pink. I suggest buying Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink (that's the color I used, and it fades really pretty). Leave it in for about 20-30 minutes, and apply heat for about 5 minutes. Wash it out with cold water and apply conditioner.

Mine came out ever-so-slightly spotty, from a few places not getting bleached quite as equally as would have been ideal and then the pink not covering quite all of the bleached hair evenly, so I would just add a note about making sure coverage for both steps is very even over the entire length of hair. 

Another interesting note, mine turned Kristina blond in the initial 20 minutes while Cassi's never quite got all the was past the orangey shade in 40, so apparently not all dark brown hair reacts the same to being bleached. And then we came out the exact same shade of bright pink despite the difference in bleach color when the dye was applied.

I am very intrigued in seeing both how fast it fades and how redoing the process without a second set of helpful hands would go, and thus plan on staying pink streaked for the next few months at least.

(Or you know, until I otherwise having strong motivation to be unpink more brunette in my appearance.)


  1. I love how it turned out. I'll be buying my own supplies to keep it going for sure!