Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Update on Blogging Life

So the Blogging thing has been a bit rough lately.

Between ending up needing to take down some of the posts I published, not publishing some of the posts I've written, not generating as much new material from lack of time/creative energy, and not spend nearly as much time as would be ideal doing blog maintenance in the first place there just hasn't been very much great stuff going on over here this month.

(Don't worry, I feel sufficient guilty and neglectful about that fact already.)

Also, I don't know if you noticed as I may or may not have forgotten until three days afterwords, but back the first week of May was the two year anniversary of my keeping a blog.

(And it simultaneously seems like "that long already?" and "oh my god how come it feels like 10?") 

I've been really wanting to do a massive blog overhaul for the last 6 months, like even to the point of putting it on it's own website just like I'm a grown up blogger and everything, and back in March I even had some fleeting hopes of being able to do the big unveiling on 2 year anniversary itself.

Obviously it hasn't happened yet. Like, at all. But someday.... maybe........

And with some of the concerns over what I am blogging, I've had to do a lot of personal reflection over what I want to be blogging about in the first place. As cute and adorable as my children may be, I cannot maintain a blog devoted solely to pictures and stories them.

(Well, I probably could, but I don't really want to.....)

So there's lots of restructuring and blog work that needs to be done, on top of the general idea of just writing posts. And it all takes time... there isn't much of that, sadly enough. Probably because I'm getting almost old and have decided I REALLY like getting a pretty standard 7 hours of it a night, but that's just they way the world goes sometimes.

(I turn 27 in less than a month, and that number is sounding practically decrepit to me at the moment. Prepare yourselves now, when I hit the big 3-0 I may have a small (and early) mid-life crises.)

((Which I would actually be ok with, so long as it only involved buying a bright pink Mustang convertible and not poorly chosen tattoos during a very drunk trip to Cancun.))

I have also started thinking that I really should figure out what I'm doing job/career/life wise. Working at Target is fun, but I'm definitely starting to feel the grate of being entry level retail, and as much as I like to think that any day now a promotable position will open up and they'll slot me into it, it really could be another year before that actually happens and I'm not sure whether A) it'd be worth it and B) if I could make it that long beforehand without going insane first.

(We had to fill out the Best Team Survey last week, and one of the anonymous questions was "how long do you plan to work at Target?" and I ended up staring at it for several minutes being completely unsure of how to answer such a simple thing. And then the answer was really depressing.)

Oh, and I'm starting to suspect I really might need to get a sorta legit plan in place for moving out of my parents' basement eventually. You know, before I find myself turning that dreaded 3-0 and still being on our long term grandparent "visit". 

But that also takes time and thought and life inspiration. And much of my life is still very much just getting from one day to the next. So feel free to throw out some awesome ideas of what exactly I should do from here, because right now I really don't know.....


  1. I have no idea. I'm nearly 13 years older than you, staring at the big 4-0 quickly approaching, and I have no idea what I should write about, let alone telling you what to write about.

  2. For some reason I thought you were 24. I didn't find 30 a tough birthday, but 29? PAINFUL. I'm twinsy with Jill! We're both 39. I'm looking forward to 40! Crazy, right?

    DId I miss something? Why are you taking down posts?

  3. I'm thinking you need a secret blog for deleted and unpublished posts.

    That's all the advice I have.