Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Working at Target will Bankrupt Me

Working at Target is very convenient at times.

It's REALLY easy for me to do things like listen to the voicemail my mother left asking me to bring home orange juice as I'm getting off work and to then just grab a carton on my way out the door.

But it also means there's more temptation and opportunity to spend money there.

The little Pizza Hut/Target cafe has recently started carrying churros.

Lets just say I *may* have been eating an order of churros a day since discovering that awesomeness, and that I don't really want to think too much about how they probably have the nutritional value of a doughnut (or two) and are undoubtedly going straight to my ass while also guiltily adding to the amount of paycheck I'm not putting into my savings account. 

Not to mention my Starbucks-hot-chocolate-a-day habit I've firmly established myself into....

But those aren't even the worst of it!

Yesterday I decided I needed a new dress.

There is a big graduation/birthday party combo being put on by several of my coworkers (I've heard lots of talk of a keg being involved) tomorrow night, and I realized that I just don't have much for sexy summer clothes these days.

However there certainly wasn't much for an opportunity to go shopping in the two VERY BUSY days in between when I assessed my wardrobe and when I needed to have something to wear.

Except for my lunch break.. at Target..... with all those Target dresses....... right over there.................

And once I remembered I needed to adjust sizing if shopping from the juniors department, I quickly became the proud owner of a brand new cute little strappy sundress.

(And two packages of M&Ms, but those are for another story.)

Had I been working any other job (besides women's fashion retail), I wouldn't have had the opportunity or overriding inclination to make that new dress happen. But because I was at Target, it totally could.

And then I get all conflicted about personal happiness and finances... but it's like, finances are actually ok right now. There totally is the money on hand for me to buy these sorts of small indulgent purchases this month. The only motivator not to just spend lots of money is the idea of needing savings to accumulate for things like maybe someday moving out of my parents basement. That's an abstract long term hypothetical goal, vs. the immediate and very real "hey I like that dress" want that can be given instant gratification.  

But hey, at least I resisted the urge to shop for new matching shoes on my afternoon break!


  1. i had that same problem when i worked at WM. : ) it did make grocery shopping VERY convenient, tho!

  2. I blew through a ton of money on clothes when I worked retail. My justification was that I worked that job to afford clothes for my "real"job, but really I should have been saving it for vet bills and a car payment. But I looked good!