Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zoo Trip, Spring 2012

Last weekend I took the girls down to the Denver Zoo for the day.

It was the most beautiful weather one could ask for, and crowds were surprisingly minimal for being a fair weather Saturday.

And I even did the whole thing all by myself with no meltdowns, no lost keys/cameras/loveys, and no ice cream bribes.

[See also: why I like my children getting older]

I had originally thought to write a long narrative about what happened over the course of the day with the pictures as accompaniment, but now I'm liking the story the pictures themselves tell. 


I also attempted to get a few pictures of, say, my children LOOKING AT THE CAMERA (or really, anything that would provide a picture of something besides the back of their heads) while standing in front of the giraffe, but they have not been particularly well trained to pose as such and were far to busy actually looking at the animal or running on to the next exhibit to be bothered with Mommy's photography.

Also, despite a few pictures that might indicate the contrary, no little girls were bitten by geese.


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