Friday, June 29, 2012

Beaching, Marty Style

Some people live right by the beach and go out to it every weekend during the summer.

Some people like to take annual trips to the coastline and their kids anticipate it every year.

Some people make their backyard setup a fancy recreation of the droll Americana summer.

And then again, some people don't.

But you know what?

Sand and water make them very messy happy anyways.

(Also, my method significantly lessons the chances of being eaten by sharks. Just sayin'.)


  1. Exactly!! No shark attacks up at the Marty Household!! And they look perfectly satisfied.

  2. Sand and water is all you need... doesn't matter how you give it to them...

  3. We are just back from vacation and have learned the salamander our kids handled is THE most deadly creature in our province. Add that to the list of reasons your backyard beach is fantastic. And your girls look happy -- that's really all that matters.

  4. You and I roll the same way, except I put my own trashy spin on it by doing it in the front yard for all the neighbors to see.